Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still around

I'm not doing much worthy of posting lately. Working as usual, anticipating a possible job change. Taking a class on Saturdays from 9am-3:30pm, so life is spent doing a lot of studying, working, hanging with the family and just trying to fit stuff in. Not a great set-up for training, so the plan I had made for a half in May has been put on hold. The half is the day after I have a large class project due and the week before an exam. So spending the day away from the family for school and then driving a couple hours away for another day away from the family for a race just isn't motivating me. I'm still making it to the gym most weekday mornings, but the stomach bug hit two weeks ago and this week a head/sinus cold knocked me out. I'm not recovering from these illnesses as quickly as usual. Maybe due to stress or just whatever. I've lost a little weight that I had packed on over the holidays, so at least that part is headed in the right direction. I'll have to miss the annual family 5K/ kids race because of aforementioned class, which I'm really bummed about. Not sure about the annual 5-miler/ kids race either because of schedule conflicts, oh well, these things happen. I'll find out in May whether I'm accepted into nursing school and whether I start in September or January. If I get in, life's in for some more big changes. While I'm doing my best to make health and exercise a priority, actual races just aren't top right now.

For the next two weeks I've got the Olympics to watch, though, I love the Olympics. And that usually gives me some motivation for a while.