Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'll take the whole pie

Humble pie, that is. I got up this morning and experienced the most unpleasant swim of my entire life. There were a few contributing factors, though:
- Yesterday I was busy most of the day with my sister's wedding shower.
- Last night I attended her bachelorette party at a local casino and didn't get to bed until 1:15am.
- I was up at 5:45am with Cutie running a fever of 101 degrees, bringing the grand total of sleep to four and a half hours.
- The tide at the race was so low that for almost the first 200 meters and then again for the last 100 meters or so, it was impossible to swim. The water was not even as deep as my knees for much of that distance.
- Finally, and the part that was the most disturbing, I experienced my first swim panic.

Literally, I got into the water to start swimming, took a giant swallow of water and thought- "I've forgotten how to swim". I felt pretty sure I was going to have to swim with my head completely straight up out of the water at first. Then we stopped swimming to walk again, I was able to catch my breath and I calmed down a little. I started swimming again, was still very much out of rhythm, I could put my head in the water, but I had to breath every right arm stroke. After I rounded the first buoy I calmed down and was able to swim the longer leg, still only every third stroke breathing, before walking in from the final buoy along with everyone else. It was ugly and it was a wake-up call.

Time to swim, run and bike- the race will be here in less than two months. There's a smack from reality.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

It may have been "ugly" but it's good to have that experience before the race. If nothing else, you know what to expect. Hopefully you have time to work through the swim issues before the race, though. Best wishes!!

A New Beginning said...

Hopefully you have worked out all of your fears. Swimming in anything other than a pool is scary for me. My first and only one in a lake, I did backstroke the ENTIRE time. I just could not turn over. Glad the second half was better!

Siren said...

Sorry to hear your swim sucked. I still panic at the start of every open water swim and it's a toss-up whether or not I can pull it together and get my face in the water.

Duane said...

You will pull it off!

SinlessTouch said...

whoa, that was one busy day! Hopefully you had a blast at the bachelorette party and everything went well.