Thursday, July 02, 2009

Did you hear that thud? And then a bump?

That was me falling off the wagon and then being run over by the wagon as it rolled away with my motivation on it. Ugh. Since the last week of May I have squeaked out maybe two runs a week. Strength workouts? None. Bike and swim workouts for the triathlon I have SIX weeks from today? None. I've got a run tomorrow morning and that will end the LAST lazy week! I've got 12 weeks from Sunday to be ready to rock the next half. Or at the least not want to curl up into a ball and cry for the last three miles. That's my real goal.

On a super-cool "I'm so much more excited for this than I should be" note: Hot Wheels is going to be registered for his first triathlon in September! He'll be competing at the minimum age of 6, and I keep telling him how jealous I am that he'll do his first triathlon 26 years earlier in his life than I did mine. I mentioned it to him in passing to see whether he was still interested and he jumped at it. His age group (6-8 years) will have a 75 yard swim, a 0.75 mile bike and .25 mile run. The bike and run distances aren't too tough for him, but three lengths of a pool is not something he's done yet. It's an open water beach swim, though, and it's all staged in the shallow area where they don't encourage the kids to walk but they are allowed to take breaks and stand up if they need to. He's very excited and I can't wait.

Here are the kids from a recent trip to the children's museum.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Excitng stuff about Hot Wheels' upcoming race.

So...what happened to your motivation? Life get in the way or are you simply not interested enough to make it happen? Or something else? No right or wrong answer, but I believe that if you figure this out, you can figure out how to move forward. :-)

Duane said...

Cool for Hot Wheels! Now get off your butt and workout!

IronJenny said...

Omigosh! Your kids are getting so big! I haven't blogged in ages, nor read in ages... Great to see all is well in your neck of the woods. How cool is it that Hotwheels will be doing a tri!!!!