Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend non-workouts

I think the biggest eventual change I'll have to make in my training is that weekends will become long workout days and not rest days. I did get on the treadmill yesterday afternoon and ran one mile in 8:57 followed by 1 mile walking at 15:00. I had intended to make it a longer workout but after about 10 minutes C. found the vent in our room directly above the treadmill and started yelling and yelling and yelling. "Mom! Running? Done? Mom! Done? Mom! Upstairs? Mom! Mom! Mom-m-m-y-y-y!" I can ignore him for only so long and then I decided that I was not going to get the whole workout done. The original plan was 2 miles under 9 minutes, if possible, with a 5 minute walk recovery in between. One mile under 9 minutes is about as fast as I can get right now and it's right on the border between feeling good and wanting to throw up.

The funny thing about me and running is that I'm not a runner but I really want to be one. There have probably been six times in my entire life that I've gotten to that great running feeling where I'm going along and I feel as though I could go forever. Like I might just be flying because that's how effortless it feels and I feel like I am a runner. Usually I'm just chasing that feeling while I wish I was doing something else. Since C. is taking a nap it's probably the best chance I'd have at hitting the treadmill today so maybe I'll give it a shot. Or maybe not, after all, it's the weekend.

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