Saturday, February 17, 2007

I was about to get up

And then, I just didn't. Thursday night the boys were both in bed by 8pm and I hit the sheets at 8:15pm, I think I was fully asleep about 8:17pm. I was very excited about that. Unfortunately, at 1:15am, the sleep came to an end. Hot Wheels came in to tell me that Superman was upset and needed me. When I got there he was a bit whiny, seemed like he might have had a slight fever and was just out of sorts. So, I laid down in his bed and didn't sleep. Every time I tried to move out of his bed, the pathetic whining came back and I could tell he really wasn't feeling well, so I stayed. About 4:20 I looked over at the clock and said to myself "20 minutes and then I'll get up to go to the pool". All of a sudden, it was 6:00- I'd fallen back to sleep for over an hour and a half! So, no pool, oh well. There's always next week. I finally found a website with maternity bathing suits that actually look like they're make for swimming. So many of them are the spaghetti strap 2-piece suits- even if they are somewhat covering tankinis- they just don't seem practical for swimming. So, that's my gift to myself. I'm also buying one of the lap counters that you wear on just one finger, so you don't need 2 hands to count the laps. I'm looking forward to getting that! I may even throw in hand paddles, since I know I've got a little money coming my way in a couple weeks. Don't know whether they'll be here in time for Wednesday or Friday's pool workout this week, but my suit should be alright for at least a couple more weeks.

The week ended much better than it started nutritionally. I hit the local warehouse store and bought my favorite fruit salad stuff again- mangoes, strawberries, kiwis and grapes- no blueberries, though, bummer. I also got some Kashi Blueberry flakes cereal which I enjoyed for breakfast rather than the muffins. When I was in the cafeteria the next time, the muffins just weren't all that tempting, so I hope I've gone through and gotten out of, that craving phase. I'm sure another phase will come along soon.

I'd like to hit the treadmill again this afternoon if possible, to see if another 2 miles feels as good as it did on Wed. However, Paul's not feeling so well so that will dictate how the day goes. We might hit a children's museum that's about an hour drive from here, although given the cold weather and that fact that many kids start school vacation Monday, it might be quite crowded. Not sure I could brave the crowds on my own with Superman- he is faster than a speeding bullet sometimes. If Paul's not feeling well, me might have to postpone the museum trip. We haven't had a quiet hanging out weekend in a long time, though, so that would be fine, too.

Pregnancy status: 14 weeks, 6 days; 176 days to go.

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Triteacher said...

Tee, hee! Are you going to post pics of the prego swimsuit? :) Enjoy your new swimming treats.