Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My New T3, and I have no willpower

First, 2 things. 1) Thanks for checking up on me, I'm around, things have just been a bit more hectic than usual lately. 2) I saw my last post this morning and felt bad that I was making fun of the butterfly lady. I should have admitted that I don't butterfly because someone might jump in the pool to rescue me. Also, there are quite a few regulars at the pool that are older and they're there every day, putting in more effort than I usually do. They're there for the exercise, relaxation, and sometimes company, I think. They can swim with whatever form they want, I hope I've got their commitment and energy when I'm that age.

Workout-wise it's been a good week so far. Monday was kickboxing, yesterday I was on the elliptical trainer and this morning I decided I'd run a bit. I haven't run in a few weeks and I wanted to see how it would go. Last time I ran a 10-minute mile I felt like it was going to kill me, but I set the treadmill there, put the towel over the display and off I ran. From a cardio standpoint I felt great, but then, I had to pee. I checked the time and I was 8 minutes in, I decided to wait until the 10 minute mark and then hit T3- the bathroom. That mile felt pretty good. I went to pee- was aggravated that it barely seemed worth the effort of walking all the way to the bathrooms for the amount there was- and then started up again for mile 2. Again, 8 minutes in, I had to pee. This time I just ignored it, made the 10 minute mark and then walked the third mile. I know it's just because the baby is sitting practically on my bladder that I think I have to pee when I don't. But he or she is only the size of a lemon from what I read- how does one little lemon cause so must discomfort?! Overall, a decent workout and as I mentioned, for the cardio I was really happy with how good I felt. Not sure how much longer into pregnancy I'll be able to run, but switching to the elliptical trainer will work, too. I should have gone swimming this morning, but with the nor'easter we're supposed to be in the middle of right now (it was basically some ice/rain/snow crap mix this morning) I decided to head right for the covered parking at work and skip the pool.

So I've covered the positive of the week, being the workouts, here's the negative. I have NO willpower and I've eaten like a pig for the past 3 days. I bring my own breakfast and lunch here to work because the cafeteria's pretty expensive. Monday I had no milk or bananas for my cereal so I did head down to the cafeteria. I got some strawberries, some milk, and then I saw them. The bakery muffins the size of my head that I used to eat before Superman was born. I actually had one almost every morning I was pregnant with him (no wonder I was so fat!) and had not had one since. The lemon poppy seed muffin was just calling my name, and I bought it. Another one yesterday and this morning it's blueberry. At least I'm out of money after this morning's muffin so I won't be hitting the cafeteria any more. Monday I also didn't have my Lean Cuisines for lunch, so off to the cafeteria again. Usually I hit the salad bar but for some reason the cheddar turkey burger with fries was screaming my name. Again, willpower took a hike and I ate it all. I've given myself these three days, but NO MORE. If I use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything I want, I'll be back in the same spot I was when Superman was born- fat mom who has no energy to do anything. And this time around there will be 3 kids at home that need attention. So, I'm putting it here in black and white (or green or whatever color I've got here)- I'm now back on track with my nutrition. Food tracker, here I come. I'll have to fess up to the approximately 500 calories I just polished off with that muffin, but I'm over it and moving on. I do still have a Friday morning blueberry pancake, but that's a weekly breakfast meeting and it has to be done. I go light on the syrup anyway.

I'm updating this because I ate the muffin after I posted and it was completely not worth the calories. If I have a blueberry muffin I want at least one blueberry in every bite. Preferably, the muffin would barely stay together because it's so full of blueberries it practically falls apart. This one, not so much. I didn't eat about a third of it because it was just white cake. The good part is I'm much less inclined to be tempted by it again knowing it wasn't that good. That lemon poppy seed, though, whoa- that might have been worth the calories.

On a fun note, Hot Wheels has discovered that he really likes games. Yesterday afternoon Superman was napping (this cold is still conking him out sometimes), and Paul, Hot Wheels and I played Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Boggle Jr. and Zingo. It's so much fun that he can play things that are also somewhat interesting for us. It's sometimes hard to teach the concepts of how to accept winning and losing, but we're getting better. It will be so much fun when we can all play together, I see pizza picnic nights and family games nights in the future. It doesn't get much better than this!

Pregnancy status: 14 weeks, 3 days; 179 days to go.


Triteacher said...

Oh man, I would sooo use pregnancy as an excuse! I use my period, for crying out loud! ;)

Stay strong!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

If it is important to you to avoid those muffins, then I'm here with whatever virtual support I can give. Willpower over some scrumptious looking carb treat isn't exactly my strong suit, so I understand. But don't beat yourself up over a few muffins. I think just realizing later that the blueberry muffin 'was so not worth it' will give you something to think about next time.