Monday, February 05, 2007

It's almost 4am, let's dress up!

Last night I moved out to the couch about 2am because I was having trouble getting comfortable and breathing while lying in bed. About 3:50am I heard Superman coughing a little and talking to himself. I didn't want him to know I was still home so I waited, hoping he'd go back to sleep. Then, just before 4am I heard him walk into our bedroom saying "Wear dis, Daddy, wanna wear dis. I sit couch now." Before I knew it he was running down the hallway. He'd gotten up, gone to the costume bin in his closet and pulled out his Superman costume and wanted to wear it. He saw me on the couch, yelled "Mommy home!" and came running. I got him back to his bed and laid down to get him settled back down, I hoped. It was about 4:07am when I got him back there. He rolled around, talked with me and was generally restless until approximately 4:50am when I finally told him I had to go to work. He started crying and asking for Dad, so I woke Paul up, again, and he went into Superman's room. Apparently he did go back to sleep some time after 5am for about an hour. He's been up ever since and it's about 7pm now, he seemed sleepy about 5pm but we kept him awake, albeit cranky, because a nap would have ruined bedtime for tonight. I just hope he goes to sleep on time and stays asleep.

I did drag my tired butt to the gym, though, and had a pretty good spin/cardio interval class. It felt good to get in a good workout, although I was still having a little trouble breathing through the snot. Sorry if that's TMI. It didn't get about 19 degrees today, either. The only thing I'm braving the outdoors for was to pump gas. I greatly admire all of you cold weather runners and athletes out there. With my asthma the cold weather makes me feel like my lungs are on fire if I try anything much more strenuous than walking from the house to the car. I'll stick with the gym and the pool, thank you.

Pregnancy status: 13 weeks, 1 day; 188 days to go.

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ironjenny said...

What a cute story! We still sleep with our kids all the time - in the blink of an eye they'll be teenagers and hate us, so we're just eating it all up now.