Monday, May 28, 2007


That would be Over. Did. It. What a great weekend we had. Well, two of the three days anyway. After Saturday's excitement with the races and fun, we had a down day yesterday. As much as I sometimes complain about the lack of sleep, sometimes being tired trying to keep up with the boys or other small annoyances, they pale in comparison with seeing one of them sick or in pain. It started at 4:44 yesterday morning when I heard Superman crying. My first thought was, I'll admit, a little annoyance at being awoken that early on a Sunday. But the cry sounded more insistent than usual so annoyance quickly switched to concern as I headed to the boys' room. Superman was laying on his stomach, arms under his chest and legs curled up, a very normal sleeping position. When I got down next to him he was crying "head hurts, head hurts" and then I asked if he could move over and I would lay down and rub his back- hoping he'd go back to sleep. Then he said "Can't move, mommy" in between sobs. I got a little scared for a minute. I asked him where it hurt and he was able to move his arm to point to the back of his neck, I felt relief at seeing him move a little. He clearly couldn't lift his head, though, I suspected that he had strained his neck overnight. When I lifted him up to move us out to the couch, even though I was supporting his head, he let out a startling shriek that awoke Hot Wheels and I'm surprised didn't disturb SuperDad. We moved out to the couch and he continued to whimper but fell back into a fitful sleep for a while. When he woke up again he still couldn't move his head and was obviously in quite a bit of pain whenever his head moved at all. The whole day he stayed on the couch, with ice packs and children's motrin, he was bored but it hurt him so much to move he was able to stay still. A very unusual state of being for Superman, stillness. Finally about 7:30pm he asked to get up, he took a few shaky steps and then took off running. It was an amazing recovery given that not 30 minutes earlier he sobbed when I had to move him a little to change his diaper. We were pretty amazed. It was so hard to see him in pain all day, unable to explain to him why he was feeling such pain and being unable to help- other than the ice packs and motrin. We're just glad he's alright.

That lead us to today. We went hiking at a local state park with my brother-in-law, his wife and his two boys, 5 and 3- years old. We left the dogs at home this time because one of them is having trouble with his back leg and we didn't think he should aggravate the injury on the hike. The hike is a 1.6 mile trail with a 7.1% average grade. In our pre-kids day, we wouldn't take that trail because it's the easiest of the trails in that park. We wondered who would use that trail as a workout. Well, today was a workout for sure. The temperature was in the 80s, I was carrying the 22 extra pounds I've gained plus about 34 pounds more- Superman on my back. It took us about 45 minutes or so to reach the top, another 30 minutes or so to come back down and we spent an hour or so at the top having a picnic with the kids running around. Overall a very good day, but everyone is Beat. With a capital B. What fun.

Pregnancy status: 76 days to go.

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ironjenny said...

It just kills me when my kids are suffering. Heck, it kills me when OTHER people's kids are suffering! Glad he recovered but how scary was that?
Bobby gets migraines and it breaks my heart. He has to have complete darkness, total silence, and he vomits. He can't hold down water even, much less Motrin, so he ends up sleeping them off completely dehydrated. Must be awful for him.

Sounds like Superman had more of a neck ache? That would have me in a panic about meningitis. I am such a wussy mom. If you only knew how many times a doctor has sent me home with, "Mrs M., I assure you, you have the healthiest kids in Medina".
"OK! that's great! Just needed a medical professional's assurance! Have a nice weekend!"
So embarrassing...