Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy birthday, SuperDad

Today is my husband's birthday. I don't think it's taboo to post men's ages, so I can share that he is 39. I will be 34 in December and that 5 1/2 years doesn't seem like anything now. However, when we started dating we were much younger, younger to the point where my parents forbid me to see him because I was only 16 and he was "older". Ironically, today is the day we met, 17 years ago, when I started working at McDonalds where he worked part time while putting himself through school. He hated that job, but I loved it and that's only one of the many differences between us. I'm a relative chatterbox, he's reserved- bordering on shy. Sometimes I truly marvel at all that he has put with from me over the past 17 years and I'll forever be grateful that for some reason I was fortunate enough to meet such a wonderful man who stayed through so much crap.

I fully believe that he's one of the best fathers in the entire world. We were both laid off when HotWheels was 4 weeks old, I was able to transfer to another job but we wouldn't have been able to afford daycare on what his salary would likely bring home. We knew we wanted to have at least one more child so the most feasible option was that he stay at home with the kids. For many women this is a well-accepted course of action, but not so often for men. He's taken to it extremely well and I am so happy to know that our boys probably have a closer relationship with their dad than just about any other kids I know (well, except maybe the 3 other families I know with at-home-dad). Sometimes I get too wrapped up in being jealous that he's home and I'm not. But it's my issue and I try to get through it. I don't always have quite enough sympathy when he's had a rough day, and I know the days can be rough. The phone call last Friday to tell me that Superman broke the laptop computer was just one illustration of some of his daily frustrations. Fortunately that example was more expensive than most, but he's got his hands full at times. And still, he cooks dinner, does the dishes, too, takes care of the laundry, most cleaning and he mows the lawn. I've promised that after this summer off from mowing while pregnant, I'll switch off on that chore with him. I'm not the most helpful around the house, I admit, my contribution is to try and make sure he gets some time to himself on a regular basis while I take the boys out. I can get a little testy when I feel like he doesn't appreciate my efforts, but again, it's my issue.

He's a great husband, father and person in general. Even though I don't think he knows this blog exists and will likely never read it, I hope he knows how much we all think of him. I try to remember to tell him sometimes, but I'm sure it's not often enough. Happy Birthday!

On the only fitness related note of this entry, I was able to get back on the elliptical trainer this morning, at least it required a little more effort than that recumbent bike last week. Thirty minutes was all I had in me, but it felt good.

Pregnancy status: 69 days to go.


Fe-lady said...

Awww- you guys were "childhood" sweethearts! (And you are STILL children at 34 and 39!)
Happy Birthday to your husband! What did you guys get him???? :-)

Mallie said...

Based on the sweet nature of your post, I'm sure your husband knows exactly how wonderful you think he is. Hope you enjoyed celebrating together.

Siren said...

Your husband sounds wonderful. The things you described remind me a lot of mine - I guess we're both really lucky : )