Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not so bad after all

Sunday morning at 8am I thought for a few moments, with a little sadness, that they were starting the triathlon I had intended to swim as a team member. Then, I thought about how chilly the water was Friday afternoon at the beach, the temperature's about 62 degrees I've read, and decided maybe it wasn't so bad that my team mate decided to take on the tri by herself. Next year I should be able to fit into my wetsuit if I decide to go for the June triathlon, or I'll wait for July or August as there are 2 others in the area then. We'll see. I'm not really thinking about next season until next season, or until things have settled down after Critter's arrival. Sunday afternoon the boys and I went with grandma to her town beach and had a blast. At low tide the sandbars seem to go out forever, the swim buoys actually lay on the beach it's so low and the small areas where water is trapped between the sandbars is full of lovely warm water and some great little hermit crabs and creatures to explore. We played and relaxed for about 3 hours and that night we were all exhausted, a fun day.

Pregnancy moment: I do wonder sometimes what it is about the whole pregnancy thing that makes people think you want their opinion on any number of topics. TriSaraTops recently posted about comments you shouldn't make to pregnant women about how they look, other than "you look great". Third time around now I think I've heard them all so most things don't really get more than a fleeting acknowledgment in my mind, but I am amazed at how pregnancy almost makes you not really a person anymore, as if you have no feelings or brain- people think they need to tell you everything they assume you don't know.

On having our third child I've gotten comments ranging from "you must be crazy, now you'll be outnumbered", to "your kids are cute, you should have more". Neither of those reasons seem to me to be valid reasons to have, or not have, more children, but apparently they're good enough for other people. There have also been numerous responses of "but you only have two hands", as if I'm raising my boys to be completely unable to stand near me or walk with me without fearing that they will, for some reason, take off into traffic. I admit that's a concern with Superman at times, but Hot Wheels is well aware of appropriate actions when walking in parking lots, near the road, etc.

This time around I've also been going to the gym which has evoked comments from "good for you for sticking with it" to "if you exercise too much your child with be too small and sick". Wow, it's a good thing they told me, I never would have thought about what my actions could do to the child growing inside of me, what would I do without that comment convincing me I should just sit on my butt for the remainder of the pregnancy so I don't endanger the baby by stunting his or her growth?

It's been fun in a different way this time around. I was not very excited throughout my first pregnancy, as I think I've mentioned because I anticipated that having an infant would be no fun. The second time around I felt a lot of guilt that I would be ruining Hot Wheels life when his brother joined the family before he was even 2 years old. This time around, I've been-there-done-that with many of the issues so I've got no reason to worry. It's a nice feeling. I'm not someone that loves being pregnant, but it's an effective means to an end, and the kid part is totally worth any of this and tons more. I do have the "joy" of Braxton Hicks contractions this time around, which I didn't have with the first 2. Those are the "relatively painless" false labor contractions, and I quote relatively painless because they are not. There is some pain involved. Not significant, but mentionable, especially if it occurs while on the elliptical trainer or recumbent bike or while doing anything other than sitting on the couch. Even on the couch it hurts, but oh well.

Only 61 days to go. Two months from today I could be holding Critter, the family complete, with a new little one to play with. I certainly hope that he or she does not decide to arrive early, but again, these things are beyond our control and we'll go with whatever happens. Hot Wheels has an end-of-the-school-year pot luck dinner tomorrow night and Thursday is the last day of school, I can't believe he's finished his first year of preschool already, time just flies. It's going to be a great summer.


Siren said...

I need to take a lesson from you and let the obnoxious comments roll off my back. Even before I was pregnant one of my pet peeves was people (most of whom I know are less educated than I am about biology type things) lecture me on stuff - especially when they get their facts wrong. Now that I'm pregnant it bugs me ever worse!

Rural Girl said...

You know what always drove me nuts... When people would touch my belly. They would never have done that before, why would they think it was ok while I was pregnant? I sometimes felt like an oven!

Mallie said...

Great post. You really stated what I think many of the other pregnant bloggerw wish they could express. But don't fear...if anyone ever posts anything nasty on your blog I've got no problem descending to a preschool level, as I've done on Siren and FELady's blogs!

Fe-lady said...

I was going to say what rural girl did! People think it's just OK to come up and put your hand on your big, protruding stomach! They don't touch my somewhat flat one now...I don't get it! :-)
Yeah, everyone knows everything about having kids....or doing triathlons! :-0

Tersie said...

How exciting that you're only 2 months away. I enjoyed both of my pregnancies. There were particulars about it that I didn't enjoy, but just having the chance to experience it was a thrill to me. Maybe I'm weird like that! heh. I am so careful about what I say to pregnant women. And I NEVER try to touch their bellies! I also see that as being very rude and obtrusive. But then, I am also funny about my "personal space," so I try to respect others' space. Sounds like you had fun on the beach with the kids. I love reading your descriptions of family time. I can tell how much you love your family through your writing.

m said...

I have three children so we play zone defense instead of one on one. I must admit I can't understand why people (like my MIL) had 8 kids (I'm glad she did though...my hubby is #8) I love kids, I can't imagine having that many though. Three....that's nothing. It's when you get more than 5 and your still normal. I love those people. I wish it could be me.

Ignore people. Or just smile. Good luck with your last trimester.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Only two months left. You must be getting so excited!!