Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another month in review

Really, another month has gone by? Guess so. Here's the breakdown on how mine went.

Weight assessment: Weight 3/1- 158.2, weight 3/31- 155.0.
My stated March goal was 154 by 3/31, so only 3/4 of the way there. Better than nothing, I guess.

Gym goal- 21/21 days. Result- 14/21 days. Yikes. Didn't realize until just now how poorly I did on that goal. I did also have Saturday's race, so I guess that would make it 15/21, but that's still only 71%. Not good.

Tracking goal- at least three days a week tracked at Sparkpeople. com. Result: tracked three half days all month. Complete failure on that goal.

Running goals- 4 miles at 6 mph and 3.1 miles under 29 minutes. Results: made the 4 mile run, only once, though. The 5k time only came down to 29:32- the one with the bathroom break- I was sick for the 5k last week, but I still don't think I would have been under 29 minutes.

Strength goal- Strength train two days a week with short cardio prior. Result: Completed 6/8 strength sessions, although a couple were half-hearted.

Overall for the month, I give myself a D. Not an acceptable grade and it's time to stop making excuses if I really want to see improvements. Of course if I'm not really all that concerned about improvements, I can spout excuses until the cows come home, I've got plenty of them around. I've got to take a really hard look at things and decide how serious I really am, and about what.
I'll get back to myself on that.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I think a D is too harsh. I'll give you my assessment.

3/4 of weight loss goal - 75%

2/3 of gym goal - 66%

Running goal - 100%

Here's why - I think your running goals were pretty aggressive. 5K under 29minutes should have been extra credit. Real goal should have been under 30minutes. And you hit your 4mile goal.

Strength goal - 75%

tracking goal - n/a .Maybe it's just me, but that is only a means to an end. the weight assessment is what really matters, so I score this as na. Again, maybe this should be extra credit.

so I see it as 75%, 66%, 75%, 100% for an overall of 79%.

And that's a C+, almost a B!!!

Duane said...

Dont be to tough on yourself!

IronMatron said...

I agree that a D is too harsh! That inner critic isn't helping you! Celebrate that you did lose some weight, and you've given yourself room to improve...
geez, a D?
I'm glad I don't have you as a coach!:)

crazy tri mama said...

Wow....I saw nothing about how I'm sure you did all of those workouts and met those goals while working, taking care of a family and house and I'm sure those all count for something. Too harsh. I give you an A+ for even setting the goals. Maybe you need just some smaller more attainable steps to meet your big goals. The supermom/woman cape is not tarnished!!

Siren said...

I was blown away by how much you manage to accomplish with still being an awesome mom to 3 kids BEFORE I had a baby, now I can't begin to comprehend how you manage to do anything at all. You're being way too hard on yourself. If I'd done half what you accomplished last month I'd be dancing in the street.