Friday, April 11, 2008

Great week

Hot Wheels turned five last weekend, wow does time fly. (Hard to believe it's been over five years since I regularly slept through the night! He just started sleeping through the night regularly about two months ago, so now it's just Cutie up overnight. Maybe some day they'll all sleep- just in time for mom to have hot flashes and insomnia. But I digress...) He got his Spiderman bike, with training wheels, for his birthday and on Wednesday afternoon we took our first trip around the neighborhood with both boys riding bikes. Superman took to it really quickly and if the wheels on his bike weren't 4" smaller than Hot Wheels' bike I think he could have kept up. He did fall twice, which scared him, but he got right back on and kept going. Hot Wheels discovered how much he likes going down hill- fortunately they're small hills, and I think he's headed for a major wipe-out before he realized he has to keep himself in control. He was cute, though, and he kept asking me whether he can have training wheels on his bike when he does his first triathlon. There's a kid series that he had do next June if he can swim a length of the pool by then. I told him he'd probably be good enough to have the training wheels off by then and he seemed very excited about that.

Tuesday was the second hill interval workout with the running team. I managed to pull my quad muscle last weekend while picking up Superman (not sure how those actions were related), so I had to hold back on the hills, but it felt pretty good. I'm right with the back of the pack of runners, closer than I thought I'd be to anyone else on the team so I was encouraged. On Wednesday I decided to hit the spin bike and that made me realize just how far out of biking shape I am. Since they stopped offering morning spin class at the gym, I haven't touched a bike in a little over a year. Ouch. It amazes me that when I first signed up for my triathlon it was four months away and I hadn't biked in years, yet I didn't think much of it. It's four months to the triathlon again and I'm a bit worried about the biking now, of course it's only 13 miles, I should be fine. I skipped the Thursday 5K because of the quad pull, this morning was interval boot camp. I had a little trouble with the repetitive step motion and my quad, but I think after resting it this weekend it should be fine. Only two weeks until the 5K!

The past two afternoons have been gorgeous! I love all the seasons and it's nice that in New England we have all sorts of weather. I think that spring's my favorite. Yesterday afternoon it was in the upper 60's with a nice breeze and we headed down to the boardwalk on the beach for a two mile walk. Then we had our first dinner on the porch since we moved to the house. We ate on the porch almost all summer at our old house and I think we'll do the same here. The only bad thing is that we appear to be infested with ladybugs. They're everywhere on the porch and they're in Cutie's room as well. I keep bringing them outside to free them, only to find more. I guess everyone wants to get out and enjoy the spring. I'm just not sure where they were hiding in the house all winter- yuck.

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

Whipouts are good for kids. Since one of yours is a superhero, it will be fine in no time. :)