Friday, October 10, 2008

A Rut

So I had an excellent first three weeks with the weight loss challenge, down seven pounds in that time and then.... not so much. I think I gained back three last week (although I'm cheating a little and not updating my weight until I'm back on track) because I ate like crap. Then this week I caught and cold and only made it to the gym on Monday. I was feeling better this morning but I still slept in.

I feel like I'm in a life rut. There are many uncertainties with my job future and I'm looking into other options. There are days when I really want to make this change. Then there are days when I realize I've got it really good here and going back to school and changing jobs, well, that would be hard. But is it worth it to stick with something just because it's easy? I could easily say no if it were only my life involved. But, I've got a family to support, so is it fair if I take away what makes life easiest for all of us, just so I can pursue something I think I am more passionate about? Then I start getting a little resentful that I've got all the responsibility for supporting a family and I feel a little tied into things that I can't control. But, if I stay where I am and I lose my job five, ten years down the road, the changes would be harder to make for all of us. I guess this is just one of those situations where I'll never know whether the decision I make is truly the best one, but it will end up being the right one. At least it will have to be.

Oh, and next week I'm getting back to the gym. Those 13 pounds won't lose themselves. These days I feel certain I won't lose them either, but I'll get working at it.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Sorry about your rut.

As for life choices regarding your career - all I can say is that you spend too much time at your job being miserable. If you think you'll be happier doing something else, I encourage you to go for it. But that's a decision only you can answer.

Anonymous said...

I am in EXACTLY the same position as you right now. I have a good job with great hours and it pays well, but I want to go back to school and do something completely different with the rest of my life - it is so scary, and like you the weight of the family sits heavily.

I sympathise completely with you, and hopefully we will both come out the other side happy with the decisions we come to....