Saturday, April 14, 2007


That's about the only way I can describe how I'm feeling. I didn't have anything of consequence to say this week, the funeral on Tuesday was nice for a funeral. It was fun to see a lot of family I haven't seen in years although there were obviously some tough times. Watching my grandmother say good-bye to her oldest daughter was very sad. She has so much faith, though, she was strong through the whole thing and kept reminding us how happy she is that my grandfather now has his daughter with him. She's survived her husband by almost 11 years and now her oldest daughter as well, it doesn't seem fair. It was also tough seeing my aunt's grandchildren saying good-bye. She has four grand-daughters ages 13, 12, 9 and 7. The poor girls were inconsolable on the way out of the church after the service, I think that was more upsetting to everyone than anything else. On a side note, the priest celebrating the funeral mass actually answered his cell phone during the service! His phone rang during one of the readings and he left the sanctuary to answer it in another room. My cousins were a bit outraged.

I made it to the gym three times, nothing great to report there. Spin class is back this session on Thursday mornings and that's always a tough workout. Other than that we were hit with another round of lay-offs at work this week and I'm likely to be shuffled in with a new boss and new responsibilities within the next couple weeks. On one hand I'm looking forward to the change and new challenge, on the other hand, it's not really my best time for adjusting well to changes. My brain's a bit scattered lately, but I'll get through.

Today we're celebrating Hot Wheels' birthday with my husband's side of the family so the six cousins will all have fun playing together. We'll have baseball and tetherball outside and other outdoor toys before we come inside and eat the delicious cake! I might be posting less often if I don't have much to say, I'll still be around, though, and you never know when the mood might strike me to share all the mundane stuff going on here.

Pregnancy status: 120 days to go.


Triteacher said...

Ya know jbmmommy, with titles like "Blah" and endings like "... all the mundane stuff going on here," you always make me laugh. :) I don't know if you intend it as self-deprecating humor, but I take it as such. Thanks.

And - keep in touch.

Susan Oseen said...

Funerals are always tough. I guess the point of the funeral is saying goodbye and celebrating the individuals life, but saying goodbye is soooo very hard.

I hope the party went well!!

Mallie said...

Don't be a stranger. Maybe some of us can help you get through the blahs. We all get them. Have a great time with the boys and keep on spinning.