Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The ugliest mile

I was awake before the alarm went off, a good sign that I'm ready to get up. But I was so comfortable I just stayed in bed for about 10 minutes, Critter was awake and rolling around so I poked and he or she kicked for a few minutes just to say good morning.

I approached the treadmill, the one under the TV with ESPN, hoping for a good Sportscenter to keep my occupied for a while. Enter weight: ugghh, weight. Oh well, at least I get credit for burning more calories now that I'm trying to move more weight over that distance. Enter speed: 6.0mph- I can still do a 10-minute mile, sure. Go.

The first 2 minutes are always awful, I know that. Usually by about 4 minutes, things improve. At six minutes, I needed to take the towel that had been covering the display off to wipe my face. SIX? That's it? Maybe the display is broken and it's really supposed to be sixteen. No? Crap. Alright 4 more minutes, I can do it. Heart rate check- 165 a little high for only six minutes in. I usually leave the display covered while running but I watched just about every second of the next 4 minutes tick by. At 10:00, 1.0 mile I was done. Heart rate- 170- yeah that's high. Down to 4.0mph, I can walk for 20 minutes, no problem. Between Critter bouncing on my bladder like a trampoline, my heart rate at 170 after only 10 minutes and the fact that I felt like a giant pear trying to shuffle along on the treadmill, it just wasn't happening this morning. I walked an additional mile at 4.0mph but even that seemed harder than usual. An ugly, short workout this morning, but at least that's 200+ calories out for the day that I wouldn't have worked off if I had stayed in bed. (did that yesterday)

There's a bowl of cereal calling my name.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

It probably doesn't seem funny to you, but it is funny to read.

I'd like to say 'been there, done that' but honestly, I never exercised when I was pregnant, so my complaints about bladder bouncing critters and feeling like a giant pear were all about simple stuff like walking from the car to the couch.

It seemed ugly to you, but you are still doing great!!

Mallie said...

Hey. You're preggers, a super excuse to just spend the morning in bed, right? And you got up, got on the treadmill and ran before you walked. Not ugly. Maybe not gorgeous. How's about "nice".

Triteacher said...

I'm proud of you too! Listen to your body - and Critter!