Friday, April 20, 2007

The perfect day

It was actually a decent week overall, I had three really good workouts and then 2 unscheduled days off. But, such is life with two young kids that don't often sleep well, so I'll focus on the 3 good workouts and keep it at that.

The weather most of the week was awful, which was unfortunate for many families that had kids home on April vacation. However, yesterday afternoon and today were gorgeous. I decided to take a half vacation day, especially since work has been a bit depressing and stressful lately, with a round of layoffs last week and another one expected next week. We headed off to the state park with the boys and spent about an hour and a half on the beach. At first they didn't like the idea of getting their feet wet, but once I took off my shoes and they saw me get my feet wet, well, they couldn't get enough of it. Of course even with their jeans rolled up to their knees they ended up soaked, but it was great to see how much fun they were having running into, and away from, the very small waves that come ashore at our beaches. We had to run to the grocery store and stop by the registration office for Hot Wheels' kids race next Saturday. Superdad has decided to run the 5K as well and his brother's going to run, too, and our 5-year old nephew will run the kids race with Hot Wheels. We got home, grilled some chicken (marinated in a chili pepper and pineapple marinade we bought at Target from Archer Farms- excellent stuff!), with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Then we took the dogs out for a walk around the neighborhood and finished it all off with a water pistol fight in the yard, which turned into an everyone-get-mom affair. Just the perfect day. The boys are relaxing with a little classic Tom and Jerry before heading off to bed.

There are only six weeks left before my triathlon swim. I'm planning to hit the pool faithfully on Tuesdays and Fridays between now and then. That's the plan, anyway. Now that the weather's getting a little warmer, maybe I'll be more in the mood to swim than I have been as of late. I'm bummed that my mini lap counter is still on backorder, but it should be here in a few weeks.

Pregnancy status: 114 days to go


ironjenny said...

Priceless memories of our children playing, isn't it!?
I wish we could press "re-play" and have these days play back on a video loop when we're 50. I hope I remember all these precious moments!

Triteacher said...

You sound happier! Glad to hear it. :)