Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bringing wimpiness to new heights

I can't imagine anyone living through pregnancy in the southern US. I suppose if you live in the south you might have more of a heat tolerance than us northern states dwellers, but still, it's got to stink. Yesterday was only in the 80s but with the weather reports all showing 100% humidity it's just gross. I'm really trying to ignore all the complaints and enjoy this precious time at home but I have some really lazy, whiny moments. Fortunately this humidity is supposed to break at some point tomorrow, today will likely not involve a lot of movement on my part.

I found a copy of Ironfit at a local used bookstore recently and while cleaning my room last week I found it again and looked through it a bit. Kind of funny to me that I was too lazy to move off the couch but I wanted to read about what I think of as one of the ultimate fitness tests. I was surprised to see that there's an ironman training schedule that maxes out at 10 hours per week of training. Of course that's for the "finish and remain conscious" plan, I'd like to wait until I've got enough time to devote to at least the intermediate plan. I mentioned it to SuperDad the other day and he's completely NOT on board with me attempting anything of that magnitude until the kids are much older- like all teenagers. Which is fine. I think I'm going to make 2008 the "year of the run" with 1 or 2 sprint tris thrown in. I want to get a good heart rate monitor- that's my main gear investment to myself this Christmas. I'm not sure whether to go for the Polar S625 or Garmin 305 Forerunner. I know I might not need some of the features, but being a science geek, I greatly enjoy graphs and I think that motivation I could get from being able to track and graph my own progress is worth the investment and then I can grow into the other "serious athlete" features. I've been saving my extra money for a while so I should be able to cover the cost of either one, I just want to get the best product for that kind of money.

I've been told I should pack my hospital bag today. For the past week almost everyone has had to tell me their story or that or someone else that delivered the baby two weeks early. I'm not worried and really, it's not in my plan to go early, so I'm just assuming it won't happen. I realize, however, that this has no actual bearing on when critter will arrive, so I guess I'll pack.

I'm a winner!! I checked out Mallie's blog ( this morning and found that my guess was closest to her actual mileage for the 24 Hours of Booty. I feel badly because it's obvious she could have smoked right past my guess (247 miles) if the weather had cooperated. Either way she's awesome for all the work she put into training and fundraising, quite an accomplishment.

Off to church, maybe I'll get to sit near a fan. Pregnancy status: 14 days to go. Hoping the humidity clears out.


knicksgrl0917 said...
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jbmmommy said...

What's up with the spam lately?! I still hate typing those made up words, though, so I guess that's what happens.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I sometimes wonder if I could do an ironman, but I can't imagine how training for one could be remotely feasible until my kids are out of the house. How anyone does it with kids at home of any age is beyond my comprehension.

IronJenny said...

Only 14 days!!!
About the heart-rate monitor - I love my polar - it has a foot pod - is that the one you are looking at?
Also the Garmin 305 has wonderful graphs. But I'm not sure we are supposed to swim in it... And the battery charge won't last the full IM.