Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All the pain, no gain

Yesterday morning I woke up sure that I must have run a long or hard route on Sunday at some point. However, it was just the aftermath of massive leg cramps that woke me up a few times overnight. My calves and the soles of my feet kept cramping up overnight, I know it's likely a potassium deficiency, I've been told to eat more bananas. Like I really need to eat just about the only fruit around that can be binding. Not happening. This morning I've got to get weighed and I'm pretty sure I gained about 3 pounds last week, just because nothing seems to want to leave my body once it goes in. I've been eating smaller, more frequent meals because I'm back to a low-level lingering nausea similar to that of the first trimester. I was hoping that would also help with moving things along throughout the digestive tract, but alas, no luck there.

Our neighbor across the street invited us over to her pool yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful. The boys have these great "floatie suits" with enough flotation that I don't have to worry about them in the pool and I know they're never far enough from me that I couldn't reach them within a couple seconds. With only one of me, I stay near one of them but they switch off swimming around on their own. Hot Wheels decided he loves the diving board and spent probably 30 minutes constantly jumping off and going around to do it again. We're still in the 80s with 90%+ humidity. Last night we went for a 30-minute walk with the kids and the dogs. When we got back I took another shower because I was completely drenched. Today we're headed to the beach with another friend and her two kids so that will be fun. They're predicting the third "heat wave" of the summer starts this afternoon or tomorrow- that's at least three days in a row with temperatures in the 90s. I foresee my butt becoming one with the couch for much of the next few days, unless we're going to the beach. Superman woke me up at 3:50am this morning and I've been up ever since, I also hope there's a nap in my future this afternoon when we return from the beach.

Guess I should get ready for my doctor's appt. What fun, getting weighed and measured again. I'm planning to decline the internal exam if they want to do one- I'm of the theory that nothing should be going in until we're pretty sure someone's getting ready to come out. Third time around, it's not like I'm worried labor will start and I'll miss it. I still don't have my bag packed for the hospital, we've got plans for at least the next week so a trip to the hospital if not an option right now. I hope Critter agrees.

Pregnancy status: 12 days to go.


IronJenny said...

Ah... getting weighed... everybody's favorite!
Pineapple. Eat lots of it. It's tasty and you will be ... uh... unbound?

Triteacher said...

12, TWELVE, as in doce days?? Woohoo, I'm ready for Critter! Sheesh, I'll pack your hospital bag, woman! :)

Duane said...


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Ack! I feel your pain - don't worry, it will all end well and SOON!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

oh yeah, i remember killer leg cramps. i tried everything and still got them. :(

You're on the home stretch!!