Thursday, August 02, 2007


Minutes until I get my stuff packed up to volunteer at our work sponsored triathlon this afternoon.

Months until the event I anticipate will be my first sprint triathlon of the 2008 season.

Days until I become a new mommy again, for the third (and last) time.

The triathlon this afternoon was supposed to be my first ever triathlon last summer but was then rescheduled due to the extreme heat index and violent storm lines rolling through. It turned out to be my second triathlon ever and it's a fun little one that I think will be an annual event of mine for as long as I remain employed at my current company (many years, I hope) and as long as the fitness center company runs the event. There are approximately 55 individuals and 10 teams that will hit the water at 5:45pm and 5:55pm, respectively, this afternoon. It's a fun little event, although the six-lap bike course it a bit tedious. They cite manpower, or lack thereof, as the reason they can't have a longer out and back course and the six loop course is actually convenient for spectators. I'll be sitting in a lawn chair directing cars to not drive onto the course while bikers are on the course. After the race there's a little dinner with the awards and I'll see a few people from work that I like, so it will be a fun afternoon of volunteering and feeling a little like a person that's somehow involved with sports at a time when I get out of breath walking to the mail box.

This morning we went to a local aquarium with grandma and grandpa and then we all had lunch together. It was a lot of fun, but after walking around for 2+ hours my back was quite tired and I was ready to sit. Probably the last family picture we'll have of just 4 of us, so I'll share.


IronJenny said...

Just days to go!
I looked like you when I was 5 months along... you look awesome!
Thanks for your post - yes, we are all okay. Please pray for those who are not, though, if you do that.

Triteacher said...

Very sweet family pic. :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You are getting soooo close. And you and the family look great...and happy!! It will be all that much sweeter when new baby is in the pic. :)

Duane said...

Great pic! We await the good news and race report :-)