Wednesday, August 15, 2007

False alarm

This time yesterday we were over at Labor and Delivery and I was being monitored for contractions that were pretty consistently 3-5 minutes apart. Then they checked and I was only 2cm, the same at last Tuesday at the dr. office. So, I walked. I walked for over an hour and a half, I'm pretty sure it was actually a decent pace, which people kept commenting on. The contractions felt stronger, and we had walked enough that my legs were actually tired, I was really hoping it would get things going. Unfortunately, that resulted in nothing, so we were sent home, with my apparently cranky uterus left to randomly contract throughout the rest of the day. I had been up all night because the contractions started at midnight after I had crawled into bed at approximately 11:40pm, so by 8:30pm last night I was completely exhausted. Nothing happened overnight, so here we are again, waiting. It's only three days past my due date and I haven't really been all that anxious to get things going, but after getting to the hospital and really thinking Critter was arriving I'm very disappointed that we're still waiting to meet him or her. I was also very embarrassed that this is my third time around, I should know what I'm doing, and I woke up everyone early for a false alarm. I called my mom at 5:45am for her to come watch the kids, I woke Super Dad at 5:30am to tell him we were going, I just feel silly. Oh well, not that motherhood hasn't made me do plenty of silly things. I'll just try to enjoy these last days at the mother-of-two, it's inevitable that critter will arrive at some point, he or she just has a mind of his or her own, already.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Hang in there. It won't be too much longer!!

Mallie said...

Don't feel silly. My mom went the opposite route with me (I'm kid #4) and waited too long. I was born on a gurney in the hallway!

But poop! I voted for a girl on Tuesday. I'll now recast for a girl Thursday before 7 p.m.!

Siren said...

Seeing as how I'm just learning about all this maybe I'm wrong, but I thought when they were 3-5 minutes apart was exactly when you were supposed to be making the trip to the hospital? I think maybe Critter's letting you know ahead of time s/he has a sense of humor.

I'm reserving my vote on gender because I've been so wrong about that lately (even on myself!)! I used to be really good at it, but I guess being pregnant messed up my radar : ) (But if I WAS voting, I'd vote girl. And I'm gonna say she'll come Friday by 2:47 PM.)

Fe-lady said...

Thinking about you! - I have heard that a Spaghetti dinner with a small glass of red wine helps get things "in gear"- can't wait for the next report...'cause that will probably mean Critter is here!

IronJenny said...

Feeling silly is just silly! Contractions are contractions. Yes, you DO know what they feel like. That's why you went to the hospital!
If your body's not ready, it's just not ready.
Besides, better to be wrong in an environment surrounded my medical professionals!

Duane said...

Do I get to vote again? Thursday, 10 pm, girl, 7.2 lbs. I hope its a good labor for you.