Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, it looks like my due date will come and go without a critter arrival. When I think over the events of the last three days I can't believe the amount of stuff we got done around here while I was this close to being done with pregnancy. We got a call yesterday that our offer on the new house was accepted! It could still fall through if another buyer that doesn't need a contract contingent on sale outbids us, but we're hoping that our full -price offer will hold up. I'm so excited, but still trying to stay in reality because it could all come to an end without the house. Today we had an open house, our realtor told us 7 couples came through and at least one seemed very interested so she's hoping we might get something going soon. I know it's unrealistic to think it will sell in a week or so, but you never know, there were three offers on the house we got a contract on and it was only on the market 8 days. All off the moving, packing, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning over the past couple days has felt like to some major workouts to this body, all leading up to the impending big event. I remarked to Super Dad that I really appreciate all the work he did over the past few days because I was able to help with far less of the heavy stuff than normal, his response was that he'll rest while I'm having a baby.

Now on top of pregnancy related insomnia, we've got home sale/buying insomnia. Last night we're both awake at 3am talking about where we'll put the fish tank, will the piano fit in the new house, what do we need to get done first and how long is the list of projects we'll have? We're pretty sure it's a few years long. But, it will all be worth it.

Looking forward to things moving along, I certainly hope it's some time this week because my sister's coming next weekend to meet him or her. On the other hand, it's all extra maternity leave time from here on out, so a few extra days wouldn't bother me at all.

Pregnancy status: Due date today!


IronJenny said...

girl. girl. girl. girl.


Congrats on the new house offer! All those projects will actually be kind of fun, and you'll be able to really personalize the place for each of you.
There are supposed to be huge meteor showers tonight and tomorrow, so if you are driving to the hospital late at night, look up!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Something will happen soon. You sound like you're "nesting" to me.

A few days before my son was born, I decided that we needed new window coverings on many windows of our house....and made them all myself. I think that was *my* version of nesting. Your's just happens to involve a slightly bigger project...buying and selling a house. LOL

Triteacher said...

I love Superdad's comment - he's a funny guy.

Thinking of you!