Thursday, August 16, 2007


Uterus status: occupied and quiet- except for the occasional random contraction, annoying and useless.
Medical status: if Critter doesn't appear by next Wed, we go to the hospital at 6:45am for the induction process to begin.
House status: waiting for feedback, hopefully an offer
Mood status: tired, low energy, getting anxious
Grandma status: calling quite frequently for updates
Grandpa status: proclaims Critter is a girl because of the "grand entrance" she is commanding
Kids status: bored more often than usual, especially since I'm not as energetic and active as a couple weeks ago
Fitness status: I walked for an hour and a half on Tuesday, almost an hour yesterday, not sure what I'll do today. Really disappointed lately that the pool closed for the summer because I had been planning to swim throughout this maternity leave time.
Weather status: storms should come through later today, I've heard that sometimes barometric pressure changes can trigger labor, I kind of hope so.
Weight status: I've lost 4 pounds over the past two weeks, because Critter's squishing my stomach which makes me feel full more easily, which is nice. Overall weight gain, 30 pounds, two more than I gained with Hot Wheels and Superman.
Overall status: Happy to be home, trying to be patient, knowing that things will happen as they should for whatever reason.


Tersie said...

All systems ready to go! ;-) Looks like things are coming down to the wire for you. I'm sorry I haven't been around more frequently to keep tabs on how you're doing - but I'm also glad that Critter hasn't made an appearance yet that I may have missed. hehe ... how selfish of me!! I'm wishing you all the best and you, Critter and the entire family will be in my prayers!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Now I'm getting anxious. I had guessed on a Thursday arrival.

I'll keep checking daily for new baby's grand appearance.

crazy tri mama said...

sitting on the edge of this computer chair anxiously awaiting critter's arrival.

I agree with granpa......"grand entrance" = girl!