Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weren't we bored?

Today the boys are over playing with grandma and grandpa for the day. I dropped them off after church this morning, around noon, and grandma said they'll drop them off here after dinner. We spent some time cleaning out what has been, for the last 8 months, the receptacle room for every item we didn't want at the time and didn't know exactly where to put. Now, it's ready to be the baby's room. The crib is put together, the changing table is set up- the only item I bought new for Critter was a changing table pad because after the two boys the vinyl cover was cracked and scratchy, even through the terry cloth covers. After Critter arrives, I will also buy one gender appropriate bedding set, Hot Wheels got a generic, but cute, set at my shower, Superman had a cute sports set and I think that this one deserves to have at least something for his or her very own. Since Critter will be in the bassinet in our room for at least a few weeks, I'll get around to buying one not too long after his or her arrival, right now it's got just a generic sheet, but at least if people come over to visit we can show them a space that feels like it's just for Critter.

That actually didn't take too long to get finished, so Super Dad and I found ourselves with a whole afternoon on our hands. We went out for a nice lunch and then came back home, after driving by a local house for sale we're going to try to make an appointment to look at. (Because really, what could be more fun right now than adding trying to sell our house to what's going on, but if it's a good deal it might be worth it) Now he's playing a video game, I'm hanging on the couch, a little sad that it's a completely gorgeous day to be outside, but my back can't handle much walking these days. I was reading a book in the hammock chair for a while, but even that got uncomfortable. We were talking about how we used to think our life was busy before we had the kids and now we just have no idea what to do with free time when we get some. Not that I'm saying people without kids aren't busy, I think you fill your life with whatever you've got going, it's just weird to have this down time that never seems to exist during daylight hours with a 4- and 2-year old around. I miss them.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a friend's house for an annual pig roast party- they really do get a whole roasted pig- but I haven't ever tried it. They had a pool put in last summer and it's about the nicest home pool I have every seen. Hot Wheels spent 3 solid hours going from the slide to the diving board, until we dragged him out to eat and drink something. Superman was in about two and a half hours and he's decided that he loves to float on his back. I'm amazed at how comfortable he is being reclined backwards, even to the point where both ears are submerged, as long as he's got his flotation suit, Hot Wheels gets way to nervous to lean his head all the way back like that. From what I've seen, many kids do. Here's a picture of the boys in their flotation suits at the beach, they're Spiderman and Superman. They always get a ton of compliments when they wear them, I think it's been a nice little self-esteem boost to not only be comfortable in the water but to get some cute attention for it.

Plans for this week are pretty open, we're planning to get together with friends tomorrow, I go back to the dr. on Tuesday and then I've got lunch plans on Wed. Super Dad's going to take the boys to play with their cousins that day, too, so I'll even have some time to myself in the house. In the almost four years we've been here, I've only been alone in the house once, back in April when I was really sick and he took the kids to play with their cousins one afternoon and stayed until almost bedtime. It's kind of creepy in the house when it's quiet, but nice at the same time. I think I'll just curl up with a book and chill. Other than that, I guess we're just sort of at the daily waiting game. Grandma's a bit anxious, keeps checking in with me to see how I'm feeling. I've tried to reassure her that it won't be any secret when this baby's arriving because she's the one coming over to watch the boys when we go to the hospital! Superman is especially excited about this one arriving, he asks daily whether the baby's going to come live with us today and he tells me all about the baby in his belly that's going to come and live with us, too. I think that's been the coolest part about being pregnant this time around is that the kids really get it. So, I may or may not be around much, I'll check in and update whenever there's anything to tell.

Pregnancy status: 7 days to go, or whenever Critter's done cooking.


Fe-lady said...

Enjoy your "down" time...and don't feel guilty! :-)

Mallie said...

Isn't it funny what you become "used to". And never feel guilty for wanting a little alone time. Humans are social creatures, but we all need some of that solo time to rest and think deep thoughts!