Thursday, August 09, 2007

What time is it?

It would be 3am right now and this is the fourth night out of five that I am awake at this time, and have been for over 3 hours. I thought for sure we were headed to the hospital overnight Sunday, contractions consistently 10 minutes apart for over 3 hours then they mysteriously dwindled to 15 minutes, 20 minutes and finally random, lasting throughout most of the day. At my dr appt on Tuesday the dr said he figured it would be any day (didn't need to be a rocket scientist for that pronunciation- third pregnancy within a week of due date, duh), tonight I was up at midnight again with contractions, but they've not gotten closer than 15 minutes or so. Just frequent enough that I won't be sleeping, again. This is just getting tiring.

To add some more excitement to life, we're planning to put an offer in on a house tomorrow and list our house for sale. What could be more reasonable three days before expecting a baby but to try to sell the house? At least the arrival of babies in our house has always been accompanied by drama. When Hot Wheels was 4 weeks old we were both laid off and 2 weeks before Superman was born we found out Super Dad had diabetes. The new house is definitely dated, original 1960 kitchen, bath, carpet, etc. but it's been kept in great condition. The yard, though, is killer! It's got over an acre and a half and as the kids get bigger it's going to be an awesome place to play. Wish us luck, please, this might add some chaos to life but it would all be worth it if it works out. I'll finally have a garage to park my bike!

That's about all from here. It's been a quieter week this week, I don't have the energy or desire to be on the go as much. It's not always easy keeping the boys occupied at home, but they're surviving just fine. Luckily we've got nice neighbors with a pool that we've been invited to swim in a couple times. Makes the heat and humidity more bearable.


Julia said...

Instinct says you'll get the house, just to add to your chaos :-)

I'll be checking back here often! Have a great birthing :-)

Siren said...

Even though it sounds more than a little bit chaotic I do hope you get the house - I'd LOVE a big ol' yard like that!

I hope your contractions get their act together so the next time we hear from you it'll be with happy post-partum pictures : )

IronJenny said...

Jee- why not throw a couple more balls up in the air? Ha!
I'll be thinking of you, hoping you get the new house... hoping the birth is smooth-sailing.
I will be checking back, too, so if you don't post for a couple days, you know what we will all be thinking!
Good luck!

Mallie said...

Sheesh! But I bet with all the goings on you're better able to simply anticipate the coming of critter rather than obsessing over each twinge. Is it time? You're too busy for that!

Triteacher said...

Oh you poor dear! Not sleeping is a bear. Definite good wishes on the house and - what else did you have going on now... Oh yeah, good luck with Critter's coming!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Best wishes with the house! And with the baby...any day now!!!

IronJenny said...

OK, no blog today (Aug 10)... do we start taking bets on the size and length of the BAY-BEEEEEE????