Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hoping it never ends

Here's a recap of the first three days of my official maternity leave. Monday morning we all went shopping at the local wholesale club store, since I'll be eating all my meals at home for the next few months we need more food around the house! That's not the only reason, but it's part. Then in the afternoon, because it was a great rainy day, the boys put on their raincoats and boots, we grabbed some umbrellas and hit all the neighborhood puddles.

Yesterday we went to Monster Mini Golf, which we thought was a bit lame, but did scare Hot Wheels enough that he was a bit nervous at bedtime about the monster we had seen. After trying to convince him that all of the monsters were just machines, he ended up sleeping just fine but has told us we don't have to go back there any time soon.

Today we hit the local children's museum for a couple hours. Then after dinner, the boys and I hit the beach for about an hour and a half. They've got these great flotation bathing suits and with Superman recently deciding that he enjoys the water, we're having a blast at the beach.

I'm really trying to get all the "play time" in that I can before Critter decides to arrive. Life is really so easy, I've got two free hands all the time, we're mobile without diaper bags and massive amounts of stuff, we don't have to cater to the schedule of an infant and while I'm a bit uncomfortable it's just easy right now. Although, I can't quite keep up for a whole day. We've had some down time every day, this afternoon I took a nap for about half an hour while Superman was sleeping and Hot Wheels was playing with Super Dad. The funny thing is I used to be the queen of the afternoon nap. A 30-minute nap would work wonders for me, not give me insomnia which is seems to have done today since it's nearly 11pm and my normally- ready- for- bed- at- 9pm body just isn't sleepy. I guess that's just one of the many ways that things have changed for me over the years.

Another fun little twist I added yesterday was walking into the baseboard molding in the hallway and, I'm pretty sure, breaking my pinky toe. I've broken quite a few toes, and a pinky toe is no big deal, just a pain, especially when walking on the sand at the beach. Oh well.

Guess that's about it from here. Just the really fun to live, but really mundane to post stuff I'm living now. Pregnancy status: 18 days to go (and hoping it's not one day sooner!) Although I do have to add that I will completely be thrilled to meet Critter once he or she arrives, I just like to plan things and coming early doesn't really fit with those plans.


Triteacher said...

It sounds like nir-va-na. Although I have a feeling that your upbeat nature has something to do with it; I've been around some other full term mommies and they haven't sounded as chipper. Good for you - having a half-full cup and realizing it.

Lucky sons too!

Fe-lady said...

Your days sound wonderful! Glad you are taking it slowly and having fun with your boys.
I too hurt myself all the time by running into furniture, doors, baseboards. I have a pinkie toe that is completely torn off the have to really watch it when I put my running shoes on in a race as I can bend it all the way down to the side of my foot if I am not careful...ouch!
I guess getting hurt at home is better than falling down a steep incline on my mountain bike!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Maternity leave seems to have started off in a MOST EXCELLENT way.

Keep enjoying every moment!!

Duane said...

Did you get "critter" from a movie? It just came up in one I was watching.