Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Stuff

There are 26 steps up to my new office. This afternoon I was carrying some boxes, not even really heavy ones, and I took the elevator.

This morning my workout burned 247 calories according to the elliptical trainer. That used to be a warm-up. After the gym I showered and then drove the 1/2 mile to my building.

I just realized last night that after the baby arrives I won't be able to go to the beach with the boys right away. Thanks to those pads-the-size-of-my-head that I'll be wearing for a few weeks. How did I forget about that little detail?! No swimming for most of August into September, ugh. (Sorry if that was more information than you needed)

I was supposed to have lunch with friends but they canceled at the last minute. Now I'm sitting in my cubicle and haven't spoken to anyone in over two hours. Then again, sometimes that's good.

When I did speak with someone a little over two hours ago I was informed that I didn't make the promotion cut for this year. I've now been here eight years without a single promotion. Crap.
After that talk I ate a brownie from the break room, and it was good- probably more than 247 calories, though.

Guess we won't be putting the mudroom on the house afterall, as I was hoping the promotion would cover the financing.

I hadn't gained any weight in the past two weeks at my doctor's appt yesterday, which is good.

I get to be the coolest mom in the world this afternoon when I arrive home with a Stormtrooper Fathead to put on the boys' wall. I'll take pictures.

Being the coolest mom in the world, even if only temporarily, really makes all that other stuff completely unimportant.

I've only got 7 more work days until maternity leave starts. Then I've got almost 4 months of just being mom- that's sort of like Heaven.

At least I can end on a cheerful note.

Pregnancy status- 32 days to go.


Duane said...

Sorry to hear about not being promoted. 32 days, we can hardly wait for the big news!

TriSaraTops said...

Wow--time is sure flying!!! Very excited for you. Love the pic of the boys! My hubby is a HUGE Star Wars fan. He even suggested we name our kid Obi Wan. I drew the line there.


Julia said...

Really sorry about the promotion, but that's great news that you'll have four months to be with your kids!

Siren said...

I feel your pain about the promotion - my husband just got passed up for one as well (similar situation - overdue for one but budget cuts didn't allow for it). We were sort of counting on it to help pay for my reduced work time when the baby comes.

I've been kinda pondering the whole pads the size of my head phase now that I'm getting into birth classes and writing birth plans. I get to deal with them in the winter (at least no beach worries), but I suspect it's going to be a hassle through the holiday hullabaloo and what was supposed to be my giant 35th birthday bash.