Saturday, November 10, 2007


Look at the family I'm blessed to call my own. That's just the best reason in the world to get up in the morning.

And now, workouts will start this week as I return to work. It might be painful, it will be ugly and you'll hear about all of it.

The next couple days will be tough, I've started dwelling on how happy I've been at home and how my biggest dream right now would be to be home with the kids. However, we've made the possible sacrifices so that SuperDad could be home with the kids. It was a priority for us that one of us be at home, there's no way we could afford for me to be the one. Most days I can focus on the fact that we're doing what's best for the kids and my part of that right now is to go to work and provide for the family financially. Many times I lose sight of that, I pout, I sulk, I resent SuperDad and become grumpy and whiny. That may never go away, but I know that the hours I'm away from the kids aren't what will define their childhoods. My dad worked full time and I don't remember feeling like he wasn't there for us growing up. With my flex schedule I'm home by 4pm most days, not everyone can do that, I've still got hours with the kids before my ridiculously early bedtime, right after theirs. It's just what has to be done and like a good triathlete it's time to suck it up and work through it, transition time.

I'll be back soon.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Going back to work will be tough after being home on maternity leave. Hang in there!!

Triteacher said...

Just like a teacher after the summer. I can relate!

Triteacher said...
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Fe-lady said...

That is cool that Superdad is willing and able to do this! I know many men who just wouldn't- you have a keeper!
Going back to work may just seem like a vacation....don't feel guilty! They will all run to you when you get home!

Mallie said...

Sending you good vibes as you make your way back to the working world. Those kids will be so happy to see you when you come home that the hours at work will seem like nothin.

brendaj said...

Sounds like you will make it work one way or another. We will probably try a similar arrangement after my leave ends next year.

IronJenny said...

Oh that is tough.
I actually worked for about 6 weeks after Bobby was born, but that was it.
I feel for you! But at least you know they are with their dad who adores them, and you aren't dropping them off at a day-care that you don't really love.
Hugs, Jenny