Friday, November 30, 2007


At some point I know I had motivation. I'm proud of myself for making it to the gym four mornings this week, after sleeping through Monday's alarm, even though I was up with at least one kid every night. Wednesday morning, though, was only a 20 minute workout on the Stairmaster, but that's better than nothing. (I hate the Stairmaster and that was a miserable 154 calories burned.) The part I'm NOT proud of, though, is that I've lost that push myself feeling I think I had at one point. When I tried to repeat my interval running workout from last week, I got to the third five-minute segment and I quit after two minutes. Then yesterday and today I was on the ARC trainer and I just didn't have that incentive to kick up the intensity as much as I should have. They were still 450+ calorie workouts, so I'm not a complete slug, but they should have been better. I'm sure that some day the motivation will return, or I'm at least hopeful if not sure.

December first approaches. While we were in the midst of all the chaos of new baby, new house settling, we put off the saving money and healthy eating plan. We're having one last take-out meal tonight, tasty Chinese, and then we get back to it. Super Dad was thinking the eating might as well wait until New Year's, but if I could avoid putting on a few more pounds just to try to lose them next month, that seems like a good plan to me. We'll see how it all goes.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Getting to the gym is a good start. It is probably unreasonable to expect that after an extended gym break, you would go back and immediately have the push-yourself mentality. Just keep at it...

Tri-ing (to do it all) said...

You are doing awesome! Motivation comes and goes anyway, but my guess is that it isn't lack of motivation, it's that you're really tired! You have a little, tiny, baby and two other boys (all very cute, by the way) and dogs and a husband!
I'm so glad I found your blog, because I too have three little ones, a spouse, and a house full of animals- and I too am trying to find the motivation to keep at the hobby I love. Good luck, and I look forward to reading more!