Thursday, February 28, 2008


Not sure why I was feeling ambitious this morning, but I finished my second treadmill 5k in three days. I started out at 9:40 pace and managed to hold that for 2.5 miles, the last 0.6 was at 9:49 pace for a grand total time of 30:03. I was pretty psyched. My heart rate about 30 seconds after I finished was still 180, does that mean it almost exploded? Well, it explains why I had to back off after 2.5 miles anyway. I'm practically still sweating here at my desk 45 minutes later, but I did it.
After all the sad happenings posts, I'm happy to bring you a post "lite"- here are the kids in a snapshot of our recent days. Enjoy.

Cutie was so proud when she mastered that whole sitting thing, now it's old hat.
I forgot how heavy that middle snowman ball can get. That's a workout! The one with the tomato buttons should have a larger belly, but I couldn't lift it up.

Keva planks are a great toy for the little engineer in Hot Wheels. Unfortunately between Superman, two dogs and three cats, keeping a structure intact is difficult.

Two hours in the cold at Target was worth it for some Wii boxing, what a blast! You can also see the progress on home transformation #2- the wall coming down between our kitchen and living room. SuperDad and grandpa will be busy this weekend. And next weekend. And the one after that....

The boys are into making up their own yoga poses. I believe this one was calling "sneaking alligator".

Even Cutie gets into the yoga with "Happy Baby". Now if only my dogs would do Downward Dog- I'd like to see that.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

cute photos!!

IronJenny said...

Great pictures! And we love wii boxing, too - bobby will come downstairs DRENCHED in sweat and admit he'd been wii boxing for an hour when I thought he was doing homework...
Cutie is growing so fast!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

aw, too cute! My girls like to do yoga and stretch with me too. They make up poses. I love it. Great job on your weight loss. It is all weird with young ones and takes a bit to figure out. Good for you for doing it!