Monday, February 25, 2008

Priorities and ramblings

So much going on lately. Thanks for the sympathy posts for the loss of my friend. I found out last Monday that her brother was named guardian of her son. He's only four years old and last Tuesday he flew to California to live with his uncle. My friend has lived the confirmed bachelor lifestyle for a while, so the adjustment to raising a four year old that just lost both his parents will likely be tough on everyone for a while. But he's a great guy and I think the two of them will be fine.

Thursday was the two year anniversary of the death of my friend Cathy from breast cancer. It was largely her passing away that lead me to start training for my first triathlon, it was sort of an active way to honor her. While she didn't die of leukemia, I wore her name on one of my ribbons during the race with Team In Training. She was a great friend and am blessed to have known her.

This month hasn't exactly lived up to my expectations set out at the beginning of the month. I realized that while my calorie plan was working well for weight loss, it caused my supply of milk for Cutie to pretty much tank. I added back about 300-500 calories a day and the supply bounced right back. However, the weight loss also slowed. Considerably. However, it's my most important job to supply food for her, so if it means weight loss takes a back seat for a while, that's what it means. No big deal in the big picture but it did sort of ding my motivation. The other thing is that I've now missed two gym workouts in the past six work days because Cutie has taken to waking up at 4:30am and going back to sleep some time between 6 and 7am. I decided that my other priority right now is spending that quiet time with my sweet little baby. She's perfectly content to sit with me, in the dark, and just snuggle. I won't get this opportunity again in life, while the treadmills aren't going anywhere. On two other days I made it into the gym later in the day, but those workouts were abbreviated and not as good as I would have liked. Again, that's life. If I don't run my 5k under 30 minutes, what will happen? Nothing. But if I skip the time with her just to get to the gym, I'll be missing some good stuff. She's such a snuggler, I haven't had that in a baby before, it's nice.

Yesterday we beat up our children. Seriously, three rounds of beatings. I got up in the morning, bundled up and headed off to Target where I waited in line to buy a Wii. It's a silly thing, I wanted one, and now we have it. Yesterday afternoon we boxed with the boys and all beat each other up. It was fun. And actually a bit of a workout. I'm looking forward to the Wii fit coming out, we won't buy many games for it but we're enjoying the boxing and bowling.

That's about it from here. Another week, no real goals, I'm just taking whatever comes and going with it. We've got snow to play in, it's all good.

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