Friday, February 29, 2008

Month in review

So, this was month two of my health challenge and not quite the bang that I had in January, but I'm still mostly satisfied.

Weight 1/31- 162
weight 2/29- 158.2 My goal stated last month was to be at 155 by today.
March goal: maintain approximately a pound a week loss and be 154 by 3/31.
If I hadn't added back the calories due to nursing I think I might have made it, so the goal is just readjusted, not failed, in my mind.

Goal- At the gym every work day.
Result- 18/21 days at the gym. Those other three morning were spent snuggling with Cutie on the couch. Worthwhile to me.
March goal- At the gym 21/21 days. It's still a good goal, don't want to cut myself too much slack.

Goal- Track at Sparkpeople 29/29 days. I was 16/16 and then completely stopped after last weekend. When I didn't immediately gain 10 pounds I figured I'm okay without the obsessive tracking. Future goal- track at least three days per week. Enough to keep me on track without being obsessed. It was a bit much for everyone with me running to the computer after every meal.

Goal- Run 3 miles at 6 mph.
Result- Resounding success with 3.1 miles at 6mph on 2/26 and then 3.1 miles at 6.2 and 6.1 on 2/28.
March goals- 4 miles at 6 mph and 3.1 miles under 29 minutes. Endurance and speed goals.

Goal- Strength train 8/8 days scheduled.
Result- Achieved 8 days of strength training, but not always on the scheduled days. This morning the Gravitron (assisted pull-up machine) was set at 60, and I lifted approximately 63% of my body weight in a pull-up. Once. Last month I couldn't even do one at 40%, so it's an improvement, even if it's only a small one.
March goal- Strength train two days a week with short cardio prior.

Overall- the pants are getting too big, I've even had some compliments on the weight loss, I've got more energy and I can REALLY feel the difference between eating well and not. Not that I always manage to eat well, but I'm doing better. I even passed up munckin donuts at a meeting yesterday. This is do-able.


Duane said...

Love Sparkpeople! Keep on going!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You are doing fantastic. What a month. I bet March will be even better for you. :)

Fe-lady said...

Keep up the great work!

Mallie said...

Congrats! Thanks for all the kind comments during our rough patch. I'm glad to see you are having so much fun with all three of your cuties and the new house.