Sunday, February 03, 2008

I see a FIVE. Now pass the chips.

This morning's weigh-in result; 159.5. Finally a 15_ rather than a 16_ (or the pre-holiday 17_). I was happy to see that and now with SuperBowl day I'm trying to plan out the snacks I will enjoy. I think two servings of chips, with some horseradish sour cream dip, a Quiznos sub- small, and a small slice of Carvel Snickers ice cream cake- DELICIOUS. That should be sufficient for celebration without being too calorie intensive.

Friday morning I ran 9 minutes at 9:11 pace and finished up with one more minute at 8:30 pace. It felt great and then I headed off to circuit class for a 40 minute butt kicking. Tomorrow I'm planning for 2.2 miles at 6 mph. That's 10% more time/distance than last time.

Here's the latest picture of Cutie. Not that you asked, but you know you want to see her.


Fe-lady said...

Great run times! Good snacks and decent weight loss! And thanks for the photo! (You were's one reason I came to your site!)

Duane said...

She is cute!