Thursday, January 31, 2008

Healthy '08, month in review

The year started off quite well. My main goals for January were:
- exercise every work day, 21 days total
- track calories six days a week at Sparkpeople
- run two miles at 6 mph
- start a strength program
- get off on the right track with weight loss

- 20/21 days at the gym, I missed this past Monday morning when Cutie was awake from 3:45am and then Hot Wheels got up at 5:15am.
bonus stat: average 447 calories burned per workout
- 31/31 days tracked at Sparkpeople
bonus stat: only 3 days over 1800 calories (all under 2100), average calories 1600 per day
- ran 2.0 miles at 6mph last Tuesday. The first mile and a half I felt like I could keep going and going. The last half mile I decided I would be stopping at 2.0.
- strength program started. I only followed it 2/4 scheduled days, though.
- weight loss results: gym weight 1/2/08- 168.8, 1/31/08- 162.0, 6.8 pounds lost

Overall: pretty happy with this month. I know the changes I'm making are for the long haul, the 3 days of slip-ups weren't that big of a deal. In the past a slip-up generally led to me slacking even more- the slippery slope I think I have found a way around.

Goals for February:
- 21/21 work days at the gym
- track 29/29 days at Sparkpeople, stay under 1800 calories 26/29 days (if I "allow" 3 days over I won't be upset when I have one, and three days aren't enough to do much damage)
- strength train 8/8 scheduled days, set some specific strength goals based on progress
- run 3.0 miles at 6 mph
- continue weight loss with a goal of 155 by 2/29


Anonymous said...

What a great start the New Year - keep it up!!!

A New Beginning said...

Great job on keeping track with your goals. You are going to have a great first 5K this year.

You are an inspiration to me, as someone who can do it all. Raise a family, work, and exercise.

Thank you.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You started this year off with a BANG! Keep up the good work. :)

IronMatron said...

You are so committed and so organized! Every time I try to count calories I lose track before lunch. Congrats on your loss
Keep up the good work!