Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not why I love my husband

It's the end of the honeymoon. The weight loss honeymoon, that is. On January 1st I weighed in at (yikes) 175 pounds. Sunday morning I weighed in at 166.5. Eight and a half pounds would normally make me ecstatic- especially if it hadn't started from 175, but oh well. Then, dear husband gets on the scale. His weight loss was 7 pounds. I gloated for a moment that I had lost more and then I thought about it. Those 12 days consisted of me tracking every bite that I took and working out with more consistently hard workouts than I had done in over a year. I was really working for those eight and a half pounds. What did my dear husband do to lose seven pounds? He informed me that he ate less junk food. That's it! Not even NO junk food, just less. Okay, I have my Dove dark chocolate heart every day, but it's just one, 40 calories worth of delicious dark chocolate heaven. I swear all he has to do is decide to lose weight and it just falls off. I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I keep up even one pound weight loss a week after this. I knew the first ten pounds or so shouldn't be too tough, I had already lost and gained those since Cutie's arrival. But now we're getting to the tough stuff. That would leave me 31.5 to go, I'll settle for 20 if possible. Or maybe I'm destined to remain an Athena and shed the 16.5 left that would leave me in that category. I would imagine I could be a fit 150, especially since I meet with the trainer tomorrow morning to start my strength training program. A nice cut 150 could look good on me.

Not a great start to this week. Something was bugging all three kids Sunday night and after 2am I think I was only able to grab a few catnaps between jumping out of bed to attend to someone. I dragged myself to the gym yesterday, tripped twice on the treadmill and decided I'd be safer on the elliptical trainer where I didn't have to pick up my feet. As is always the case for me, I was alright yesterday but dead on my feet this morning, so it was another elliptical trainer morning. Still 50 minutes, it's all I had in me. Better than nothing anyway. Tomorrow's strength training, Thursday I'll try to get another run in, maybe 2 miles no stops, that would be good.

I'm already looking forward to my lunch today. I do enjoy Lean Cuisines and that's my daily work lunch. Last week I took the boys grocery shopping with me which means I've got to pick my Lean Cuisines quickly or they get restless. I accidentally grabbed buternut squash ravioli with vegetable and walnuts in white sauce. I usually hate white sauce. I gave it a try the other day and I love it. I bought three more yesterday and ate one for dinner. Yum.

If you're on the weight loss wagon as well, I highly recommend www.sparkpeople.com. They've got decent calorie and activity trackers and they make graphs and stuff. Great free site with lots of resources and people.


triguyjt said...

my wife hates when I can have a week where I lose 4-5 pounds, but I admit, I'm more meticulous and not so "easy going" as your husband might be.
trouble is, I have lost (and gained) those 4-5 pounds about 3,444 times over the years..
good luck

Kathy said...

Oh the frustration - your husband sounds like mine. Not once since we've been together have I weighed less than him - boy that day will be a celebration (if it ever happens!!!)

Keep it up though - try not to let him get in the way of your achievement!!!!! IGNORE HIM - maybe slip some extra butter into his food!

A New Beginning said...

Don't feel bad, my husband is the same way. He can lose weight just by cutting out the junk food at night. Not me, I could do like you and nothing would change.

They say it is because men have more muscle and we all know muscle burns more calories. So, here's to strength training!!