Thursday, January 17, 2008

If it aint broke- leave it alone!

Here's my little rant to start the morning. When I was training for the triathlons in 2006, I decided that some of my sports bras needed to be retired. Actually they decided they should be retired when all the elastic disintegrated after I don't even know how many years I had them. For a while I went the cheap route and would just double up crappy sports bras- no one sees them anyway. Then, I found them. My friend that was training with me said Target had Champion seamless sports bras that were awesome. Indeed they were. I fell in love and as soon as they had a color no one wanted and it went on sale for $8.98, I bought it. I have all the ugly fluorescent colors available- again no one sees them so who cares what color they are. Well, on a shopping trip two weeks ago I decided I really needed just two more so that even if the laundry piled up a little more I wouldn't have to resort to a crappy old one, or two. (Not sure why I keep them around but you never know.) I even paid full price for them, that's how much I wanted them. Well, I pulled one out last night to wear this morning at the gym and it felt a little different than the other ones I have. This morning I put it on and realized why. They've obviously removed all support from them, relegating them to immediate strength training day bras. I was planning to run this morning but couldn't go back and get another bra without waking SuperDad and Cutie, so I hit the ARC elliptical trainer. They don't say "new and improved" or anything, they're just poor. Oh well, better hope the older ones last a couple years or something, or until I find a new great one that doesn't require it's own bank account to stock up.

I'm in a different place in my life right now than I have ever been and it's pretty cool. When I started this triathlon thing I read other people's blogs about training for Ironman events and all these exciting things and I felt a little jealousy. I also felt like I wasn't really going to be a "real" triathlete unless that's what I was doing, or at least wanted to do. At first I thought, well, they can't have little kids like I do, or a full time job like I do, it's not possible. I was wrong. It is possible, but only if it's what's important to the person doing it I guess. I enjoy reading about everyone's journey for whatever events they undertake. I am NOT training for an Ironman, and I have no definite plans to do so ever. It's in the back of my mind as something I might like to do some day, but that some day is really far away. I know it could be done, for me it's not something that should be done. I'll settle for some 5Ks, some sprints and maybe an Olympic event sooner rather than later. But that's about it. It might make me less of a triathlete, but not less of a person. That's a big thing for me to realize. I always felt like unless I was trying to be the best at something, I was somehow less of a person. That feeling is finally gone. For the first time in my life I'm living my life as it is now, not in anticipation of where it's going. I may never have another child, I'm not moving again (for a very long time at least), I'm not looking for a new job or even hating my current job, I'm not at all focused on what I haven't got, I'm enjoying what I have. It's fun this way.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I can relate in two ways - I have a favorite sports bra that Target no longer seems to make. Ugggggh

And I'm not training for an ironman or even a half-ironman and that's okay. :)

Triteacher said...

Yes, bras. Grr.

And on the blog-inspiring part... isn't that just it? I may not be in the same racing spot as others, but I still get such a bang out of reading where everyone else is - and contemplating that I might be there someday too.

Siren said...

I've got a couple of those too and I love them! I can't use even the hefty ones for anything but the elliptical or yoga (I have to go with Enell for running or I can't run) but they have been a godsend for sleeping in while I'm nursing. Bummer to hear they went and changed them.