Tuesday, January 08, 2008


This morning at the gym I took my pre-test for strength training. I'll share the embarrassing results only because I know that they will improve with time: 11 push-ups (the girly on-my-knees kind), and 4 pull-ups on the gravitron with 80 pounds of assistance. So I could only pull up 87 pounds by myself, 4 times. I almost got a 5th, but didn't.

However, later on the elliptical trainer, I was passed a note that made my day. One of the regular gym-goers is a guy that cracks me up on the treadmill. He sings, dances a little, really gets into it. Yesterday I was on the treadmill and he took the one next to me and I mentioned that he gets extra credit for choreography. We talked for a minute or two, he mentioned he was listening to his teenager's music on the headphones and was learning a lot about him. Well, he handed me a paper towel on his way out of the gym and prompted me to open it. He had written "Keep at it, you look great". Political correctness in the workplace be damned, that made my day!

I recently made a wardrobe change, switching from my "mommy jeans" to a more fitted look with a straight leg. I bought two pairs of the more fitted jeans and despite my fears that coworkers and strangers would try to gouge their eyes out at the sight of me in fitted clothing, I've actually been complimented on the look. I've also got a few shirts that are not two sizes too big and they have also been well received. I am aware that other people don't think about me nearly as much as I think they do, and I'm not at work- or anywhere else for that matter- to impress anyone with how I look, but maybe I will make more of an effort to dress nicer. Or maybe not.

I tried round two of bridesmaid dresses this past weekend and there were a few that actually looked decent. It was a pleasant surprise. My sister's choosing a dark red color, could be very dramatic. They're strapless, though, I'll be working on those push-ups and pull-ups for sure.

Yesterday we watched American Gladiators because we had taped it on Sunday night. Hot Wheels was so excited about it we all waited to watch it together. I was very disappointed that it's become much more flashy reality-show like. The announcer drove me nuts with the "witty" commentary in the play by play. After watching the show we went to the playground and Hot Wheels asked me to go for a run with him to train for Gladiators. We did two runs of two laps around the tennis courts, probably nearly half a mile. Then Hot Wheels, Superman and Super Dad all ran through the playground playing "Eliminator" the obstacle course like event at the end. They ran up hills, crawled through tunnes, over obstacles and down slides. Hot Wheels is very excited about being on the show, except the part with the water obstacle under fire- he's not too thrilled about that idea. Some TV is good after all.

This morning Cutie and Superman go to the doctor for their 4-month and 3-year old appointments. Time's just flying by. New pictures soon.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I totally stink at push-ups, even the girlie ones. I might give it a go in another month or so, though, because I think it might be easier after several months of weight work. If not, I might just write that one off for good...

Siren said...

Yay for getting rid of the mommy jeans! I resisted a fitted look in jeans for years (I'm "down to" a size 18, so have plenty of reason to be hiding in baggy ones) but now that I've embraced well-fitting jeans I'm beyond thrilled with how much thinner (and in style!) they make me look. Isn't it funny how we think we're hiding our flaws in clothes that really make them look worse?