Friday, January 18, 2008

Roll with it

I had every intention of getting up and running before 6am boot camp/circuit training class this morning. However, about 4:20am I was called by Superman who's got a whopper of a cold. He was quite congested and far too awake for 4:20am. I got him back to sleep, brushed my teeth and got dressed, went and pumped a bottle for Cutie and was ready to head out the door. Then Superman was awake again, this time he woke up SuperDad. I looked into the playroom just in time to see one of the dogs run into the wall and start a seizure. It's been over a year since either dog has had a seizure, a fact that husband and I were just discussing the other day- apparently jinxing ourselves on the issue. It lasted about 10 minutes or so, he can't walk or see, he drools and pooped on the floor. They're not life threatening, unless he were to maybe fall down the stairs during the seizure. Apparently it's odd for litter mates to have a seizure disorder, but both dogs have it. When they were younger they were about every other month or so but they've decreased dramatically since then. They'll be seven years old next month. So I hung around to make sure he got through the seizure, got Superman his yogurt shake and turned on a video since not even kid cartoons are on yet at 5:20am. I headed out the door and got to class with about 30 seconds to spare. No run, but the circuit class was good enough for today.

Another thing not going according to "plan" is the mobility that Cutie has developed. Yes, she's not even five months old and already she can cross the room on her own. It's a cute combination of rolling and inchworming that brings her within inches of the deadly Legos and other small toys left around by two big brothers and woefully underprepared parents. At least when Superman was at this stage, Hot Wheels didn't really have any inappropriate toys that we had to worry about. Today our house is stocked with Legos, marbles, magnets, action figures and any other number of non-infant friendly toys. Within the next week or so the gates will likely come out of storage and all non-Cutie rated toys will stay in the playroom and Cutie will stay out. Or that's the plan. I know other people have raised young children with older children so it's likely she'll survive this stage but the choking fear is still out there.

Anyway, that's just how it goes around here, even the best laid plans are derailed by life. It's first Friday- two weeks late- and I have avoided the donuts, but I did have a bite of blueberry muffin top. I think it's about 100 calories, shouldn't kill me or anything and it did taste good. Happy Friday.

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IronMatron said...

Cutie is scooting because she's the third! Thirds doing everything early. Good luck keeping her marble and lego-free. Hard to do! Being de-railed is, alas, the way it is in Mommy-land. I hear ya! Have a great weekend!