Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Down to it

I can't get the pictures to post anywhere but at the top of the post.

This morning was my first session with the trainer at the gym for strength training. Our fitness center is here at work and it is the best thing about my job- other than being paid. We have full time trainers available for personal sessions almost any time. This time of year they run the annual New You program. They had over 300 people sign up for the weight loss sessions, about 150 for the strength training sessions and some for the flexibility sessions as well. So, trainers are busy right now but things slow down for them later in the year. My trainer is a kick-ass triathlete who often places in her 20-25 year old age group. I can go and sit at the machine circuit but I really wanted to go through with her which exercises are going to be the most bang for my buck. I'm planning on doing 30-45 minutes twice a week and then a quick cardio session. I've got about 60-90 minutes of workout time each day. It's not a lot for fitting in strength and cardio on the same days, but it will have to do. After my pathetic pretest last week I know I've got my work cut out for me. This morning was a good start even if I do hate squats and lunges, they need to be done.

I have been quite remiss in not mentioning that Superman turned three earlier this month. Two went out with quite a bang- sent to bed early the night before his birthday for misbehaving. So far three is agreeing with him, we're enjoying a respite from the whining that had become a little too frequent in the house. He was hoping that as soon as he turned three he would go to school so he was a bit disappointed that he's still got to wait until after the summer. Hot Wheels also thinks that he will go to kindergarten the day after he turns five- despite our repeated explanations to the contrary. It's tough having a birthday right after the holidays, (although you can get some good sale stuff!) there's just an overload of presents, parties and excitement. This past weekend officially ended the holiday and birthday season with the last family party taking place at our house. Fun was had by all.

Yesterday afternoon was so much fun when I got home from work. The kids asked for some music on and they danced and we practiced yoga poses for almost an hour. Hot Wheels does a great tree pose and he was really into it. I found a cheap Jumperoo for Cutie and brought it home on Monday. I thought it would take her a few days to get the hang of jumping- wrong. It was all of 10 seconds before she bounced a bit and cracked herself up. When she really gets going in there it's quite a sight to see. She's thrilled with it thus far and the boys think she's a riot in there bouncing and laughing. It was an almost perfect afternoon.


SUB6 said...

your pics will always upload to the top of the post. You have to drag them down to where you want them. The problem is you can only drag them within the window you can see so you have to do it a few lines at a time and then scroll down a bit and repeat.

Enjoying reading your blog


Susan Oseen said...

That is such a cute picture of the boys.