Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reviewing and looking ahead

Thankfully, the Bloglines problem resolved so I've found all my "friends" again.

The start of a new year. Looking back at 2007 I can easily say that the year ended as the happiest time of my life. I'm not in nearly the shape I would like, but at least I know I can get there and I'm finally ready to make the effort. There were some large annoyances, like getting passed over for the promotion list- (bringing me to 8 years at the same level), and the work situation had some major downs. But things are looking up in my new job and I'm hoping the promotion will be coming next year- a mere 10 years after starting. For all my griping about work, I have a flexible job that affords us the ability to have a parent home with our kids, even if it's not me I've got it pretty good. It's not the job of my dreams, but it's good enough. A good effort in 2008 will hopefully earn me that promotion next year.

Family. What can I say that I haven't said before? Probably nothing, but I really am so blessed. A wonderful, hard-working, fun, (and attractive) husband and three healthy, adorable (while age-appropriately challenging) children, my sister getting married in July to a great guy, my parents are in good health and are a huge part of my kids' lives. It just can't be better than this.

I've got awesome friends, we've got our new house, the house I intend to live in for the rest of my life if possible. Life is good, no, great!

So, what's up for 2008? Husband and I started a weight loss challenge this morning. The one of us that loses a higher percentage of weight by July 1st wins $100 gift card to anywhere we choose. I'm planning on a 5k in April and a sprint tri in August, other events are TBD as time and finances allow. I will have to put on a bathing suit next month, though. I'm Penguin Plunging for Special Olympics at a local beach. A group of us from work will be dressed as ballerina queens with tutus and tiaras, I'm looking forward to it, even if I will still be a bit overweight for bathing suit wear.

Time to enjoy the rest of this family day before returning to work tomorrow. Happy New Year to all!


Duane said...

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog via someone via someone via someone....

Good luck with the weight loss challenge with your hubby, and it really is great to see someone who is so happy with their life - even though it is obviously very busy!!

triguyjt said...

taking the plunge in a bathing suit later in january won't be a big deal... believe me. (blush)
good luck on your weight loss challenge and on getting more and more into triathlons.
its an incredible sport
best in 08