Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cracking me up

Yesterday Hot Wheels was just cracking me up and these may not be nearly as funny when you didn't hear them directly, but I have to share anyway.

As I'm unloading groceries from the car, he comes to hold the door open for me (because he's sweet like that and it was raining) and says "Mom, why are they called groceries? I don't think they're gross."

A big interest in our house is space. We love our night time star projector and we look at the constellations almost every night before bed. The boys have both been asking me about zodiac signs- we just call them people's star signs. I never remembered to look up Cutie's star sign and yesterday I was looking at a horoscope page and noticed she's a Leo. I told Hot Wheels and Superman that she's a Leo and Hot Wheels said "Well, since she's still a baby, doesn't that mean she's Leo Minor?" (In case you didn't know, there's a constellation called Leo Minor, right above Leo in the night sky.

Blew off the gym Monday, had an uninspired elliptical trainer day yesterday and missed it again this morning. I might try to get there later in the day today depending upon how my work day progresses. Either way, I'm planning on another "5K Thursday" tomorrow. I hope to make that a habit. Short funk, I hope. Better kick out of it tomorrow.

24 days until the backwards mile and 7 1/2 weeks until the 5K and the "A" race triathlon is set for August 7th. Time to get serious.

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