Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post Blip

Not sure where my major mood dip came from yesterday. At one point in the afternoon I was sure that not only would I never work out again, but I was going to gain back all of the almost 40 pounds I have lost and be fat and miserable again. I'm most definitely not pregnant, so I'll blame the mood swing on lack of sleep and move on. I did avoid any further food debacles while at BJ's, although there are chocolate covered almonds in the house now- but likely not for long.

This morning's 5K was the best yet: 29:59 for 3.1 miles. I even bumped up the speed to 6.4mph (9:22 pace) for the last minute or so of the 5K and then kept running until I hit 3.25 miles. Tuesday I'm planning on 3.5 miles. The gym scale still read 156 this morning, so I didn't ruin anything with my poor food choices the past few days, which makes sense.

Now that I've shared my hope that my thighs will soon no longer rub, I've got another body goal that I hope I will achieve. I'd like to get rid of the "underbutt". It's clearly not the top of my leg, but it's not really my butt cheek, it's in between and I call it the underbutt. It's gotten smaller and I hope it's soon to disappear. Although truly my butt is one of my less self-conscious things anyway, I've been told I lack one. I clearly don't, but it's not the same as my bat wings- those are the big trouble spot. I'm not even sure I'll ever be able to lose enough weight to get rid of the bat wings, but I've mostly adapted to them. Just don't stand too close to my upper arm if I wave, I've got triceps, but they're covered by the bat wings, which could probably knock you over.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You're FLYING on those 5K runs. Good job!!!

I think all of us have body goals. Yesterday I initially put on a pair of blue running shorts that are a little too short for my taste, but my other stuff was in the wash. When I caught a glimpse of the view from the back (think cellulite - shudder) I quickly took them off and worse something from the dirty pile instead. I think I'll be putting those blue ones in the donation pile...i don't think my upper thigh will ever look good enough for those!

Fe-lady said...

You are naturally fast - keep up the weight loss and toning and you will be shooting for a sub 25:00 in no time!
Bat wings? I thought they were called "bingo wings"- :-) and I have to add...even Michellie (SP?) Jones has just a bit. Every woman does...!