Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 5K and stuff

This was Thursday 5K #4 and my time was 29:32. Sort of. I made it 2.1 miles and had to take a break for the bathroom and then finished in a total running time of 29:32, but it was probably a three minute bathroom break. I'm not sure why I have such a digestion problem with running and why it's more of a problem some days than others. It's a bit discouraging to think of trying to run longer distances when I don't want to be that far from a restroom the whole time! (Part of the reason that treadmill running is good for me.) Overall I was very pleased with how the run felt, I think I even could have gone a little faster, next Thursday I'll try 6.4 mph. That should be a low 29 minute 5K. I sure never thought I'd be at this point before Cutie was even seven months old! She will be on Saturday, by the way. I'll have new pictures soon.

In other news I'm feeling particularly effective and motivated lately. Two nights this week I've been painting, because once we painted the ceiling I realized how awful the hallway looked so I'm painting that. The problem is that the hallway wall meets up with the kitchen wall and now I can see how awful the paint in the kitchen looks so I'll likely be investing more time and money into kitchen painting now. Superman has been "helping" me paint. He's actually done quite a good job in open wall areas with the roller and when he can't paint he sits and supervises me. He also likes to keep me company and tell me stories. He's so adorable sometimes. I'm kicking some butt at work and just feeling good in general. Home transformation project #2 should be finished this weekend and it is awesome. I'll share pictures of that as well.

I'm toying with the idea of a June sprint triathlon. A little crazy since I haven't swam or biked in a year or so. Could I really get ready on just two months notice? Or do I want to focus a little more on the running and then add the training for the August triathlon? I'm just not sure. Oh well, these are great "problems" to have in life.


SUB6 said...

Great 5K time ... considering the bathroom break :)

A New Beginning said...

Many congrats on the 5K! We knew you could do it. You are not the only one with digestion problems. I think it is more common than people think, b/c people don't like to talk about it, but it is a fact of running and life, so be it.

Congrats again!