Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Funny, I finally break through a weight loss plateau and my motivation tanks. I missed the gym again this morning (that's twice this week!)- up from 3am- 5:30am with Cutie, and I ate crap today. I'm also off to BJs (wholesale club where we buy diapers, yogurt and a really tasty frozen Chinese food dish) where I will likely partake of more crap- undoing my efforts that got me down to yesterday's glorious 156 at the gym. Maybe 5K day tomorrow will turn me around. I hope. Next week also starts a fitness incentive program at the gym, 10 weeks and you need 40 days of attendance at the gym to win a prize. Last year it was a watch. That should keep me motivated. Maybe.

I'm just going to call it "one of those days" and move on. I'll do my best to resist at BJs.

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