Monday, March 24, 2008

It was short.

This morning's one mile time: 7:54. Absolutely as fast as I could go on a treadmill. I still have no idea what that would translate to in a self-powered mile, I'm hoping I could do somewhere in the 8:30 range.

Then I walked around the gym, did a half-hearted lifting set and dragged my butt to my desk. I'm just not feeling up to anything today. I feel like I'm walking through water, or a fog, or something.

Here's a picture of Cutie's first experience with sweet potatoes last week. So far it's the only food she likes. She really ate some, she didn't just wear it. She wants to charge of that spoon, though, and is quite annoyed that after this result, we limit her spoon control because we don't want to bathe her immediately after every meal. She's quite laid back, but with a streak of independence as well.

1 comment:

Fe-lady said...

This is a priceless photo! One to show the serious boyfriend in the future, for sure! What a cutie!
And good taste in food...sweet potatoes! Yum!