Friday, March 21, 2008

But I really meant it

I've got a friend trying to lose weight and I've been trying to be the motivator and positive outlook for her as she hasn't been as successful as she would like. My year to date has been mostly successful in that area and I was entirely sincere when I was telling her that she should be focusing on the positive improvements she's made when the scale didn't tell her what she wanted. And I meant it. Really. Until I stepped on the gym scale this morning and read 157. What? Last Friday read 156 and this was my best week of running and lifting ever. I even ate well for the most part and tracked my food. Usually I've got a feeling before I get on the scale and I know about how the week has gone, today I expected closer to 155- not 157. And you know what? It ruined my mood. I completely ignored my fast run to date, my longest run to date and how good I felt. That number crushed me. Guess I haven't come quite as far as I thought.


A New Beginning said...

You know better! I think you shouls always go with how your clothes fit. You could be gaining muscle weight, but losing fat inches.

And water weight will add a lot more than you think.

Be proud of yourself for how well your runs are going. You have come so far!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

The scale is very annoying sometimes. Sigh.

Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

That's why I stopped weighing myself, although that demon has started again!! Can't be helped! It's like an addiction, and even though I know I should use my clothes as a guide, I want to see those numbers get smaller!

It's amazing how a number can ruin a perfectly good day! Keep going, take your own advice (but don't read my latest blog either, it seems we are on the same page at the moment)...