Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I worked hard for that lunch

We had a holiday fun run/walk today at work, sponsored by the fitness center. A friend and I decided we'd opt for the 2 mile walk since we had stuff to do after lunch and the site of me after a 3-mile run is not something anyone should have to see. Also, there are so many people that run that the line for the showers is ridiculously long and then there's no way I can get it all done in my hour for lunch. I didn't even change out of my jeans, shirt and sweater because I figured a leisurely 2 mile walk wouldn't be enough to get sweaty. I did put on my good sneakers, though, just because that's what they're for. Well, we started out and then decided that we'd do the 3 miles after all, so we had to push the pace a bit. We finished in under 45 minutes, a total of 3.2 miles. We were cruising pretty good for walking and I was SWEATING. Not just a little damp, no, I had sweat dripping off the back of my hair down my neck and the front of my shirt was pretty wet. Thankfully, they handed out t-shirts at the end of the walk and I always have a spare (clean) sports bra in my gym bag so when I got back to the office I changed into the Fun Run/Walk t-shirt and now I don't stink. Turned out to be a better workout than I had anticipated which is good because I missed this morning so now I don't have guilt for the day.

The boys and I are off to have a quick visit with grandma and grandpa after work this afternoon since he came home from the hospital yesterday. It was quite a shock seeing him there, after all, my dad's not a sick old person, right? I hope he takes good care of his health from now on, if not for me, I want him at my boys' graduations, weddings and everything else in between. I have to remember when I get older to take good care of myself because it causes children stress when parents won't do what they're supposed to in order to stay healthy.


Triteacher said...

Huh, must be the day to sweat with a co-worker. One of my colleagues and I have been spinning together. Talk about sweat! But man, does it feel good. Glad to hear your dad's on the mend.

Duane said...

That's cool that you can workout where you work!