Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rant to no one that will read it

I try not to talk about work too much here, because if ever someone at work found my blog it could be a major CLM (or Career Limiting Move). Mostly because I wouldn't have much good to say. Here's my end-of-the-year blowout of things that have built up over the year and need to be said, but actually uttering them to another person, especially my boss or a similar person in power above me- which is practically everyone, would be another CLM.
- Being here for 3 hours does not constitute a full day of work.
- If you're that sick, stay home, typhoid Mary. If however, you're not that sick, get your lazy butt into work like the rest of us.
- If you are that sick, but you've chosen to come in anyway, don't pretend you've got laryngitis for 4 days so we all feel sorry for you. We don't. And now we'll be annoyed if we catch your crud.
- E-mails sent out to large groups of people are often sent because they will affect said large group. The fact that no one alerted you specifically to the e-mail does not mean that the rules don't apply to you and it also doesn't mean that there's a conspiracy to keep you from vital information. It means that you should pay more attention before you delete e-mails.
- Yes, I leave at 3pm. No, I'm not leaving early. I wonder what you were doing at 4:50am when my car pulled into the parking garage. Sleeping? Yeah, leave me alone, I've done my time.
- I'm so glad I spent all the time preparing a presentation and then proofing a publication- on very little notice, so I could get NO credit for either of those efforts.

I feel better getting that off my chest. There's more, I know, but I am at work so I'll stop. Overall, though, I've got a decent job that affords us to have Paul be a stay-at-home dad with the boys. There are days that I resent that but most days I'm happy for it because I know it's the best place they could be. With the only person I'd like to have them with, other than me. If I ever do win the lottery, though, I don't even think I'll empty my desk. I'd just grab Frank, my fish, and hit the door. Think I'll get back to cleaning my desk.


ironjenny said...

Yuck-y day!!! Try thinking about the plethora of blessings you have instead... your boys, hubba, friends, health, sefl-respect, country, abilities, strength, virtues...
Takes all kinds, ya know... some people can't see outside themselves and end up annoying everybody around them. Go home and hug your boys.

Triteacher said...

Ya know - sometimes these are my favorite posts; the ones where people just let fly,... cuz a) I know how good it feels, and b) I know that afterwards I'll look back and laugh at my tendency to exaggerate (which I'm sure you don't share!;))

jbmmommy said...

Thanks to both of you for the perspective. I am so lucky for SO MANY reasons, and I felt much better after a hug from the kids.

Also, I may have a tendency to exaggerate sometimes, but I think all of these are pretty accurate. Ha,ha.

Wes said...

Sounds like a lot of work places to me, and it's always good to blow of some stress. Here's to moving on and enjoying the holidays!!

Lisa said...

i've had days like that.

I can particularly relate to this one "Yes, I leave at 3pm. No, I'm not leaving early. I wonder what you were doing at 4:50am when my car pulled into the parking garage?" - only in my version I ask what they were doing last night from 9:00-11:00pm when I was in a phone meeting with someone from India?