Monday, December 11, 2006

The slothful weekend

This weekend I had a cold, the kids must have been sick because they napped both days and we didn't really do much of anything productive. But it was what needed to be done, I think.

My Dad's still in the hospital, he was hoping to come home today but the bloodwork wasn't what the doctors had hoped for. I went down to visit this afternoon and we sat around and talked and then played some board games. It was something we never would have done otherwise, so I guess there was a bright side to his hospitalization. Beside the obvious benefit of insuring his health as much as we can. Thanks to everyone that said a prayer for us.

I did get back to the workouts this morning, though, and it felt good. I hit the treadmill for 1.5 miles and 10:00 pace. I've decided I'm going to stick with that pace for a while and try to increase my distance so it becomes more comfortable. I'd be happy with that pace when I'm able to take on a 5- or someday, 10k. After the treadmill we had a circuit class. That one's always pretty high intensity. One minute at each of the stations, stuff like jumping jacks, rowing machine, pushups, planks, balance reaches, stationary cycle, abs, etc. It's a full 40 minute class and always a great workout. Felt good to get back on track. Tomorrow, back on the treadmill and then to Butts & Guts!

I had the curious experience today of my first anonymous comment that seemed like it was an insult. From a post back in September, where I mentioned losing some of Superman's cloth diapers. If anonymous is reading- I lost them because they were packed away in a bin or bag with other clothes and I can't remember which of the 17 bins/bags of toddler clothes in the attic it is. I'm happy that you never lost a diaper, rubber pant or diaper pin, apparently you're a better parent than I. Thanks for sharing.


Julia said...

You can turn off anonymous comments if you want and have it so that only other bloggers post comments. You misplaced a diaper? Terrible, terrible woman! LOL!!

jbmmommy said...

I did notice that I could turn them off, but I think it's sort of funny. And I didn't misplace only 1 diaper, it was quite a few- the horror!

Lisa said...

oh the horror...lost diapers!!

Lisa said...

btw, i just added another thing to my Christmas list that relates to swimming (a previous post of yours) - pull bouy. I've been trying to use a kickboard as a pull bouy and it is somewhat problematic.

ironjenny said...

Hi - I found and read that anonymous comment - too funny! Good thing I didn't post about the time last summer when I left 8-year old Bobby sitting on a curb after lacrosse practice for 31 minutes (true story) because I fell asleep on the couch. Thank God his coach waited with him.
OK, little miss anonymous - wherever you are - bring it!

Triteacher said...

Yeah, let's go get Anonymous! Oh - where to start? Sorry to hear about the diapers though... :)