Monday, March 05, 2007

A good start!

This morning's workout was great. I did a 10-minute mile warm-up and some walking on the treadmill and then went to circuit training class. It was 1-minute intervals of stuff like: jumping jacks, stair master, rower, Burpees (ugghh- I slacked a bit on those), step-ups, etc for 30 minutes. I wore the heart rate monitor and when it got into the 160s I backed off a little. At the end of the workout I recorded an average heart rate of 140 for 1 hour and 1 minute. I took off the monitor for the last 10 minutes of light weights and stretching, overall a good workout.

Editing to explain a Burpee (they are also a seed catalog): Stand up straight, reach down so that your hands are on either side of your feet and then you have two options 1) jump so that your legs are straight back into a push-up starting position or 2) individually move your legs to reach the same position. Then, there are 2 options from here 1) jump your feet back in, so they are outside of, but right next to, your hands or 2) individually step your feet so each is next to a hand, then jump up, return to standing and repeat. Maybe they're also Squat Thrusts? Either way, they stink.

Now I'm off to breakfast- blueberry cereal and milk. Maybe with a banana if there are any in the cafeteria. Even if they have a tray of muffins, they can't tempt me today, I'm feeling good!


Fe-lady said...

I gotta ask...what's a "Burpee"- I thought it was a seed catalog! :-)
Good workout!
You eat breakfast at your club?

Tersie said...

lol ... I was wondering what a Burpee was too!! I hope you enjoyed the blueberry cereal. Sounds like it was well deserved today!

jbmmommy said...

I didn't realize that's not the common name- probably nicknamed after someone from my gym and I'm just an idiot thinking it's a universal name. Anyway, I edited it in the post.

And the fitness center is actually in the building next door to me at work, so five days a week I workout, eat 2 meals and work all in the same place. Makes life more convenient.

Triteacher said...

Yahoo!! You're off and running! (I was beginning to think we'd have to add blueberries to the endangered list - phwew!)