Saturday, March 17, 2007

So glad to be home!

My original flight was supposed to leave Pittsburgh at 3:50pm yesterday. When I arrived for training in the morning, the company I was at told me they would try to get me on an earlier flight since it looked like traveling east was going to get tougher as the day went on. I was able to get booked on the 1:25pm flight, we actually took off at 3:46pm. I was one of the last 2 flights allowed to land in Providence before they cancelled all inbound flights. While I was on the shuttle to get my car, the man next to me was talking to his daughter who was supposed to take the 3:50pm Pittsburgh flight. It was cancelled and they've been told they may not get home until tomorrow. The airports around here are saying it might be Monday before travelers can get where they were headed on Friday. Gotta love the good old March nor'easters, huh? It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive home, a drive that usually takes less than an hour. There were about 10 cars off the road along the way and that was only on my side. It was an awful ride, but at least I'm home.

I discovered sort of an exciting thing about myself this week. I'm an exerciser. I went on this trip figuring I might use the hotel fitness center Tues, Wed and Thurs. I was traveling in on Mon and out on Fri, so I thought I wouldn't get in any workouts those days. I arrived on Monday and I had 2 and a half hours until I was meeting up with a friend for dinner, so- I headed down to the fitness center. There was no pool at the hotel and the fitness center was pretty pathetic- 2 working treadmills, an elliptical trainer, exercise bike, stair master and one small Nautilus. I did 32 minutes on the elliptical trainer (the max allowed) and then 30 minutes on the bike. Tuesday morning I got up and did about 40 minutes on the treadmill, Wed was 32 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Then Thursday I woke up and thought the clock said 6:20am, so I got up and got dressed and ready for the gym. After I had my contacts in I walked past the clock again and realized it said 5:20am but I was already up so I headed off. I did 32 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the stairmaster and 30 minutes on the bike. That was quite a workout! Fortunately they had laundry so I had enough workout clothes even though I hadn't planned on as many workouts. Friday morning I had intended to sleep in, but I was up at 6am so I put in another workout. While I did well at the gym, the food was a nutritional nightmare for the week. So I'm not weighing myself this week, but I'm also not going to beat myself up, just move on. It's a new week starting.

The boys seemed to be fine without me and they acted more excited about the little trinkets I brought home than they did to see me. But I know they missed me, they just had fun with Dad while I was gone. They did sleep through the night every night that I was gone. Think they slept last night? That would be, NO. Superman woke me up about midnight and wanted me to bring him back to his bed. Every time I tried to leave, he woke up and cried so I eventually gave up and just dozed with him for the rest of the night. They also got up around 7am most days while I was gone, this morning- 5:50am and Hot Wheels was ready to go. I think we'll head outside a little later and see if this snow is worth playing in. I don't think so because there was quite a bit of sleet, so it's just a slushy mess snow, not even good for snowmen. Of course, they're happy to get outside just about any time, so we'll find something fun out there.

Overall it was a decent week although I don't intend to travel for work for a very long time now. I'd just rather be home. I've got a lot of blogs to check on, it looks like it was a busy week for many people. We've got the half way ultrasound this week, my mom's going since Paul's staying home with the boys. It will be fun to check on critter and see him or her squirming around in there.

Pregnancy status: 18 weeks, 6 days. 148 days to go.


Duane said...

Great job on doing so much exercise on a business trip!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You're doing a great job keeping active on the road!

I'm glad you made it home before the weather got too bad. Sounds like a nasty storm out east.

Triteacher said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. It's neat that you're an exerciser; it has a way of getting into one's blood, doesn't it?

You know, Mom is just different than Dad, I guess. They sure must love you lots to want to get every minute out of every day that they can with you!